Legal and Civil Action Considered for Convicted Move Forward MP ‘Ice Rayong’

legal civil action

Move Forward Party MP Faces Potential Legal Consequences

The Election Commission (EC) is contemplating legal and civil action against Nakhonchai Khunnarong, a Move Forward Party MP, who ran in the May 14 election despite having a previous criminal conviction and jail time for theft. EC Chairman Ittiporn Boonpracong highlighted that Nakhonchai’s candidacy was prohibited under Section 98 of the constitution, which outlines criteria for those running for parliament, including court-ordered imprisonment.

Unqualified candidates running in a general election can be charged with an offence under Section 151 of the MP election law, and held liable for election costs according to Section 420 of the Civil and Commercial Code.

Resignation Announced, Legal Issues Persist

EC Chairman Ittiporn stated that the commission is aware of Nakhonchai’s plan to resign next week. However, there are still legal issues to consider, such as the criminal offence under Section 151 of the MP election law, as well as potential civil lawsuits for compensation regarding the organization of a by-election.

Theft Conviction from Two Decades Ago

Nakhonchai, also known as Ice Rayong, announced his resignation on Thursday last week, admitting to a theft conviction and an 18-month jail sentence that occurred more than 20 years ago. The case dates back to October 1999 when Nakhonchai was partying with friends and found a woman’s wristwatch, leading to his arrest along with a friend who confessed to stealing it. Nakhonchai stated that he unknowingly signed a confession at the police station, which led to a three-year jail sentence, later reduced to half because of the confession.

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