Man Arrested for Killing and Burying Bank Manager in Nonthaburi

murder concealment of a body

Suspect Apprehended in Bangkok

Tasapong Suprom-in, a 32-year-old man, was arrested by Nonthaburi investigators and Din Daeng police in Din Daeng district, Bangkok, for the murder of a 53-year-old bank manager, Rotenaruebet Hasadindetdamrong. The suspect was taken to the Sai Noi police station in Nonthaburi after his arrest.

The Nonthaburi Provincial Court issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Tasapong for murder and concealment of a body, following a complaint filed by the victim’s daughter, Kritika Hasadindetdamrong. Mr. Rotenaruebet was the manager of the Bangkok Bank headquarters branch on Silom Road in Bangkok, and his body was found buried in the backyard of his house in Sai Noi.

Discovery of the Body

Ms. Kritika and her cousin visited the house on Tuesday after her father had been missing for several days. Upon their arrival, they encountered Mr. Tasapong leaving the house. After further investigation, they discovered a knife, a blood-stained rope, and the victim’s body.

Police obtained an arrest warrant after surveillance camera footage showed the suspect, a native of Nonthaburi, cursing at Rotenaruebet in front of his house.

Suspect’s Account of Events

According to Pol Col Sakya Saengsaran, deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police Division 1, Mr. Tasapong told police he went to see his employer last Saturday to request his wages. The victim allegedly refused to pay him according to their contract, leading to a heated argument.

The suspect claimed that Mr. Rotenaruebet struck him in the back first, prompting him to grab an electric fan and hit his employer’s head with it. In a fit of rage, he then used the cord to strangle the victim to death. He buried the body in the backyard and stayed at the house for two nights.

After spotting the victim’s daughter on Tuesday evening, he fled the scene, taking a taxi to Bangkok. Police said he took the victim’s ATM card and 1,000 baht in cash before his arrest at the entrance of Pracha Songkhroh Soi 14 in Din Daeng.

Background Information

The suspect, originally from Loei province, had been hired to repair the victim’s dormitory a few months before the murder. The deputy commander provided this information during the investigation.

The police continue to examine the case and collect more evidence to support the allegations.