Massive Crystal Meth Seizure in Korat Leads to Two Arrests

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Operation on Mitrapap Highway

In a recent drug bust operation, the Region 3 Provincial Police in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, managed to seize 150 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and arrest two men. The capture took place on Mitrapap Highway in Pathai district, where a checkpoint was set up after authorities received a tip-off about two sedans carrying drugs through the area.

Arrests Made after Car Chase

On the day of the operation, police identified a white Toyota Yaris and a white Toyota Camry fitting the descriptions provided by informants. When police attempted to search the vehicles, the first car stopped, while the second one made a sudden U-turn and fled the scene. Officers successfully arrested the two occupants of the first car – Kesorn Weluwanarak, 58, the driver, and Khamdaeng Chanhom, 50, the passenger.

Abandoned Car and Drug Discovery

Police pursued the second car, which was found abandoned at Wat Sisuk temple in Tambon Don Chomphu, Non Sung district. The driver had already escaped. Inside the car, authorities discovered a large bag containing packages that were labeled as dried durian. However, the packages were found to actually contain a total of 150kg of crystal meth, also known as ice.

Ongoing Investigation

With the successful drug seizure and the two arrests, the authorities are now working to track down the driver of the second car who managed to flee the scene. The ongoing investigation aims to uncover any further connections and individuals involved in the drug trafficking operation. The suspects arrested are expected to face charges related to drug possession and trafficking.

Impact on Local Drug Trafficking

This significant drug bust is a crucial step in the fight against drug trafficking within the region. The capture of such a large quantity of crystal methamphetamine will undoubtedly have a substantial impact on the local drug trade and potentially disrupt the operations of any criminal networks involved in the distribution of the illicit substance. Law enforcement agencies will remain vigilant and continue to work towards dismantling drug trafficking operations in the area.