Meeting on Assistance Guidelines for People in Koh Samui Municipality Area: Tackling Drought Challenges

drought water management

Overview of the Meeting

The Mook Samui meeting room in Koh Samui Municipality hosted a vital conference on July 3, 2023, at 9:00 a.m., chaired by Mr. Sutham Samthong. The focus of the meeting was on the assistance guidelines for the local residents, specifically addressing the ongoing drought situation. The event brought together a diverse group of attendees, including executives, heads of government agencies, managers of regional waterworks, media representatives from Koh Samui district, municipal employees, technical departments, and other related officers.

Identifying the Root Causes of Water Shortage

The participants engaged in a thorough discussion about the drought situation in Koh Samui district, following up on work performance and sharing insights on the causes of water shortage. Several contributing factors were identified during the rainfall gap, which is crucial for understanding the challenges that the local community faces.

Collaborative Solutions for Water Management

Koh Samui Municipality is proactively working alongside the Regional Waterworks’ Koh Samui branch to manage water resources and develop plans to address possible drought issues. The collaboration aims to ensure efficient and widespread water use in consumption and production sectors, benefitting the entire community.

Public Participation in Water Conservation

The municipality of Koh Samui acknowledges the essential role that the public plays in addressing the drought situation. Therefore, they made an appeal to the residents of the area to actively participate in water conservation efforts. The request emphasized the importance of appreciating the value of water and maximizing its usage without wastage.

Strategies for Efficient Water Use

To further encourage responsible water use among the community members, the meeting participants discussed various approaches to optimize water consumption. These strategies focused on both the individual and collective levels, aiming to create a culture of sustainable water management practices.

Implementing Assistance Guidelines

The meeting concluded with the establishment of concrete assistance guidelines for the local residents, designed to alleviate the challenges posed by the drought situation. These guidelines will serve as a roadmap for addressing water scarcity issues and promoting responsible water usage practices throughout the Koh Samui Municipality area.

With effective cooperation between the authorities, the public, and relevant stakeholders, Koh Samui Municipality is moving forward with its plans to manage water resources and tackle the drought challenges that the community faces. By fostering a culture of water conservation and efficient usage, the municipality aims to ensure long-term sustainability and resilience for the entire region.