Monitoring and Evaluation Committee Meeting for Koh Samui Municipality Development Plan

monitoring and evaluation development plan


This article provides an in-depth report on the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Committee meeting for the Koh Samui Municipality Development Plan. The meeting took place on August 3, 2013, at the Mook Samui Meeting Room in the Koh Samui Municipality Office. The primary focus of this gathering was to review the performance results of the 2013 fiscal year and discuss guidelines for future monitoring and evaluation.

Meeting Agenda and Participants

The meeting was chaired by Ms. Krisana Phromkoh, President of the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee for the Development Plan of Koh Samui Municipality. It brought together key stakeholders, including committee members, local government officials, and representatives from various sectors involved in the municipality’s development.

Review of Performance Results for the 2013 Fiscal Year

During the meeting, participants discussed the performance results for the fiscal year 2013, specifically focusing on the second round, which covered the period from October 2012 to May 2013. They analyzed the progress made in different areas of the municipality’s development plan, identifying achievements, challenges, and areas that required further attention.

Key Achievements

Some of the notable successes in the municipality’s development plan during this period include:

Challenges and Areas for Improvement

While the meeting celebrated the achievements of the Koh Samui Municipality Development Plan, it also shed light on some challenges faced and areas where improvements could be made. These include:

  • Balancing rapid development with preserving the island’s natural beauty and resources
  • Ensuring equitable access to public services and amenities for all residents
  • Addressing the shortage of affordable housing

Guidelines for Monitoring and Evaluating Performance

After discussing the performance results, the meeting participants moved on to establish guidelines for monitoring and evaluating the performance of the municipality’s development plan for the 2013 fiscal year and beyond. Some of the key suggestions made during this discussion were:

  • Setting measurable targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each area of the development plan
  • Conducting regular progress reviews to assess performance against these targets
  • Ensuring stakeholder engagement to foster transparency and accountability
  • Utilizing data-driven decision-making to inform future planning and resource allocation

Moving Forward

In conclusion, the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee meeting for the Koh Samui Municipality Development Plan provided an essential platform for stakeholders to review the plan’s progress and establish guidelines for future monitoring and evaluation. The lessons learned from this meeting will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing success of the municipality’s development efforts, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for the people of Koh Samui.