Monkeypox Surge in Bangkok: Addressing the Crisis

monkeypox bangkok metropolitan administration

Overview of the Situation

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has reported a significant increase in monkeypox cases, with 80 cases identified in the city last month alone. This surge has been observed mostly in tourist areas and has affected individuals below the age of 18. In response to this situation, the BMA is taking various measures to provide treatment and prevention consultations at multiple clinics around the city.

Raising Awareness in Educational Institutions

To address the growing concern over monkeypox infections among young individuals, the BMA is connecting with educational institutions to increase awareness about the disease. This collaboration aims to provide students and staff with the necessary knowledge to prevent the spread of monkeypox and recognize its symptoms.

Gender-Inclusive Clinics and Partnership with Swing Thailand and BBK Pride Clinic

The BMA has teamed up with Swing Thailand and BBK Pride Clinic to disseminate information about monkeypox to the public more effectively. These gender-inclusive clinics are operating at public health centers throughout Bangkok, offering sex education and advice about sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Furthermore, public and private hospitals in Bangkok provide consultation services and health examinations for LGBTQ individuals. These services include general health check-ups, STI testing, gender-affirming hormone therapy, and mental health treatment.

Monkeypox Cases in Thailand: A Snapshot

According to the Department of Disease Control (DDC), there were 316 monkeypox cases reported in Thailand and one death as of August 31. The majority of the infected individuals were homosexual, with 143 or about 45% also being HIV positive. Most cases involved working-age males, but a significant rise in infections among patients aged 15 to 24 has been observed.

BMA’s Treatment and Prevention Consultations

The BMA offers monkeypox treatment and prevention consultations at 16 public health centers across the city. In addition, treatment is available at five hospitals under the BMA, including BMA General Hospital, Taksin Hospital’s Love Care Clinic, Charoen Krung Pracharak Hospital, Ratchaphiphat Hospital, and Sirindhorn Hospital.

Public Health Centers Offering Monkeypox Consultations

Here is a list of public health centers providing monkeypox treatment and prevention consultations:

  1. Public Health Centre 3 Bang Sue
  2. Public Health Centre 4 Din Daeng
  3. Public Health Centre 9 Prachathipatai
  4. Public Health Centre 21 Wat That Thong
  5. Public Health Centre 22 Wat Pak Bo
  6. Public Health Centre 23 Si Phraya
  7. Public Health Centre 25 Huai Khwang
  8. Public Health Centre 26 Chao Khun Phra Prayoon Wong
  9. Public Health Centre 28 Krung Thon Buri
  10. Public Health Centre 29 Chuang Nuchanetre
  11. Public Health Centre 36 Bukkhalo
  12. Public Health Centre 41 Khlong Toei
  13. Public Health Centre 43 Min Buri
  14. Public Health Centre 48 Nakwatchara Uthit
  15. Public Health Centre 61 Sangwan Thatsanarom
  16. Public Health Centre 64 Khlong Sam Wa

By taking these proactive measures, the BMA aims to curb the spread of monkeypox in Bangkok and provide accessible treatment and prevention options to those affected by the disease.