Myanmar Refugees Find Shelter in Mae Hong Son

myanmar refugees

Kayah State Conflict Leads to Displacement

The ongoing conflict in Myanmar’s Kayah State has led to the displacement of thousands of civilians. According to Mae Hong Son’s provincial governor, Chettha Mosikkharat, Thai authorities have provided assistance to 3,342 refugees who fled the border war in Kayah State.

Escalating Clashes in Kayah State

The recent clashes involve the Karenni Army (KA), supported by the People’s Defence Forces (PDFs) and the Karenni Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF). Beginning with an attack on Mae Jae police station and three force bases in Kayah State, tensions have been on the rise. This followed a KA operation that successfully seized at least three bases, primarily on the opposite side of tambon Khun Yuam in Khun Yuam district.

Khu Nial, Kayah State’s Minister of Internal Affairs, confirmed the attack on Mae Jae, which is located opposite Mae Hong Son’s Baan Sao Hin.

Refugees Seek Shelter Across the Border

As a result of the escalating conflict, a surge of refugees entered Mae Hong Son through Mae Sariang and Khun Yuam districts. Governor Chettha Mosikkharat reported that 3,034 refugees fled to Baan Sao Hin in Mae Sariang district, while the remaining 308 sought refuge in Baan Pha Tho and Baan Pha Khe in Khun Yuam district’s tambon Mae Khee.

Mae Hong Son’s Provincial Border Operation Centre collaborated with soldiers, volunteers, and the sub-district Administrative Office (SAO) to rescue the displaced refugees.

Thai Authorities Monitor Situation

The Naresuan Force and provincial administrative officers are keeping a close watch on the ongoing clashes to provide assistance to Thai nationals if needed. Governor Chettha Mosikkharat also mentioned that reconnaissance planes from the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) are on standby.

Chettha Mosikkharat emphasized that the conflict has not yet affected Thailand’s border, as the country is neither involved in nor supporting any of the clashing parties. He warned that those using Thailand’s border areas are doing so for their benefit without any negotiations having been made.

In light of the situation, Thai authorities have advised citizens against traveling to the conflict zone and urged the media to verify any information before publishing news related to the matter.

Supporting Refugees Amidst Ongoing Conflicts

As the situation in Kayah State continues to unfold, Thailand’s efforts to provide aid and shelter to the displaced refugees demonstrate a commitment to supporting those affected by the ongoing conflict. In times of crisis, working together to ensure safety and stability for all is essential.