National Park Employee Faces Attempted Rape Charges

national park attempted rape

Employee Dismissed from Erawan National Park

A 24-year-old temporary employee at Erawan National Park, Pramote Khongkham, has been charged with attempted rape and indecent assault after a Lithuanian tourist filed a complaint. The park authorities have terminated Mr. Pramote’s employment and requested that the police take strict action against him.

Incident Details and Police Investigation

The 27-year-old victim, who had visible bruises on her body, reported the assault to the police, accompanied by tourist police and an interpreter. She provided video and photographic evidence of the incident and guided the authorities to the location where the assault took place.

The police then coordinated with Erawan National Park chief Prawat Phuangthong to gather information about the suspect, who eventually turned himself in. During questioning, Mr. Pramote described the sequence of events leading up to the attack.

The Accused’s Version of Events

Pramote Khongkham claimed that he initially noticed the woman near the park’s signpost while riding his motorcycle to purchase candles. When he returned, he encountered her in the same area and honked his horn as a friendly gesture. The woman then followed him on her motorcycle.

The suspect stated that he warned the woman not to follow him into a forested area. However, she seemed to misunderstand his intentions. He admitted to police that he initially felt an urge to rape her but changed his mind after she fell to the ground. Mr. Pramote stated that he helped her out of the forest and apologized for his actions. While acknowledging his wrongdoing, he insisted that he only pulled her hands and did not assault her.

Investigation Findings

The police investigation revealed that the suspect had parked his motorcycle near a garbage dump before accompanying the woman to a nearby forested area. He allegedly used force in an attempt to rape her, but the victim resisted and managed to escape. The suspect remains in police custody pending further legal action.