ONCB Thwarts Drug Smuggling Attempts to Australia

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ONCB’s Significant Achievements

The Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) has successfully intercepted 35 drug smuggling cases at airports and seaports in 2023, leading to the seizure of 973.4 kg of methamphetamine and 70.7 kg of heroin destined for Australia. The secretary-general of the ONCB, Wichai Chaimongkol, reported that the Airport Interdiction Task Force (AITF) and the Seaport Interdiction Task Force (SITF) worked closely together on these transnational criminal cases.

ONCB director Prin Mekhanan led an operations team comprising members from the ONCB, AITF, and SITF, who conducted crackdowns on drug trafficking networks. The anti-trafficking operations involved collaboration between the Customs Department, the Narcotics Suppression Bureau, the Armed Forces Security Centre, and the ONCB.

Recent Drug Seizure Case

In a recent case, investigators discovered that drugs would be concealed in parcels for international shipping. On July 14, the team and staff from an international shipping service found two A3-sized paper boxes with “Inkjet Paper” printed on top. The crew discovered that the boxes contained four bags of heroin wrapped in aluminum foil, weighing about 1.2 kg. These parcels were bound for Australia.

The ONCB contacted the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in Thailand to investigate the suspected network behind the smuggling attempt. Evidence pointed to traffickers in Thailand and Australia who had previously attempted to ship drugs via airports and seaports, concealing them in parcels registered with international shipping services.

Tracking Down Key Figures

The ONCB has successfully tracked down key figures of a drug trafficking business in Thailand, leading to the AFP sequestering many assets owned by drug trafficking suspects in Australia.

Cooperation with Australian Federal Police

This success highlights the strong cooperation between the ONCB and the AFP in combating drug trafficking. The combined efforts of these two agencies have resulted in significant seizures and the disruption of drug smuggling networks.

Despite the ongoing battle against drug trafficking, the ONCB and its partners remain committed to intercepting drugs and dismantling organized crime syndicates. The collaboration between law enforcement agencies across international borders is crucial in preventing the proliferation of illicit substances and ensuring the safety and well-being of communities worldwide.