Power Design Project 2022 “REBIRTH”: Seiko’s Heritage Watches Reimagined

seiko heritage watches

Discover the creativity of Seiko’s designers as they breathe new life into classic timepieces.

The Return of the Power Design Project

After a 13-year hiatus, Seiko’s Power Design Project makes a stunning return in 2022, embracing the theme of “REBIRTH.” Established in 2001, the project gives Seiko designers a platform to explore the essence of watches and push the boundaries of design. With eight designers participating, this year’s exhibition showcases seven reimagined timepieces, each drawing inspiration from Seiko’s rich history.

The exhibition is open to the public at Zen at Central World, 1st Floor, from August 10 to August 30, 2023. Here’s a closer look at the seven reimagined timepieces and the designers behind each creation.

01 Radiant Time: Timeless Radiance Inspired by Zaratsu Polishing

Takuya Matsumoto revives the 1970s King Seiko with a focus on the Zaratsu polishing technique, resulting in a stunning watch with numerous polished facets on its case. The dial features 60 three-dimensional ridges, serving both as minute markers and decorative elements. Radiant Time exemplifies the mesmerizing beauty achieved by Zaratsu polishing.

02 Put on Time: A Playful Take on Wearing Watches

Yuta Uchiura transforms the 1975 Seiko Diver’s Watch, nicknamed “TUNA,” into a playful and practical timepiece. The Put on Time watch is designed to be easily fastened to the wrist, resembling the simplicity of buttoning and unbuttoning clothes. With a focus on comfort and a unique fastening mechanism, this watch is both fun and versatile.

03 Shikakuro: A Square Chronograph with Endless Appeal

Natsuhiko Takahashi reimagines the square chronograph launched in 1971, playing with different case and strap shapes, as well as materials and colors. Shikakuro is designed to evoke the joy of finding one’s favorite watch variation while preserving the iconic square shape.

04 Adventure Kids Watch: A Sturdy, Fun Watch for Active Kids

Yugo Hibayashi’s Adventure Kids Watch is inspired by the desire to create a tough, child-friendly timepiece. Based on the design of the “TUNA” diver’s watch, this piece features a protective silicon case and an elastic, accordion-style strap, ensuring easy and safe use for children.

05 Time Sonar 434 Feels: A Unique Daily Message for the Wearer

Kiko Goda reinterprets the Time Sonar automatic chronograph from 1976, incorporating English words on the calendar discs to create a daily-changing message. With 434 different possible messages, this watch adds excitement and fun to the wearer’s daily routine.

06 TISSE our time: Celebrating Diversity and Individuality

Yuya Suganuma and Yuka Aihara revive the TISSE ladies’ watch from 1984, focusing on a gender-neutral design that reflects the diversity of our society. With an emphasis on breaking free from traditional gender stereotypes, TISSE our time is a watch for everyone.

07 Ceramic Ball: An Iconic Digital Watch Reimagined

Naoya Sukeda brings the 1973 LCD digital quartz 05LC back to life, exploring the question of what a Seiko digital watch should look like today. Retaining the original’s round silhouette and oval LCD screen, the Ceramic Ball watch features a glossy ceramic material and a mesh bracelet, blending luxury sports and digital aesthetics into a modern timepiece.