Practical Training on Watershed Forest Conservation for Sustainable Water Use

watershed forest conservation water conservation

Opening Ceremony

On August 17, 2023, at the Pak Praek Pavilion, Ang Thong Subdistrict, Koh Samui District, the practical training on “Conservation of Watershed Forests for Sustainable Water Use” began. The event was presided over by Nathaphon Ratanarak, Deputy Mayor of Koh Samui Municipality. Various officials, representatives, and interested community members also attended the event.

Collaboration and Objectives

The training, organized by the Community Development Department of the Social Welfare Division, Koh Samui Municipality, was held in collaboration with local public agencies in Koh Samui. The main objective behind the training was to educate attendees on the conservation and restoration of watershed forests, as well as water and soil conservation. This was done as part of the Water Conservation for Environment and Agriculture project for the fiscal year 2023.

Presentations and Guest Speakers

Experts from the Koh Samui Forest Protection and Development Unit, the Koh Samui Watershed Management Unit, and local experts Mr. Somjate and Mrs. Tuanjai Somwang shared their knowledge on watershed forest conservation and the construction of check dams.

Field Trip for Constructing Check Dams

After the presentations, participants embarked on a field trip to construct check dams in the watershed area. The main purpose of building check dams is to slow down water flow, allowing more water to seep into the soil, increasing moisture levels, and enhancing the biodiversity of the watershed forest ecosystem.

Benefits of Check Dams

By reducing soil erosion and sedimentation, check dams help prolong the lifespan of downstream water sources. They also improve both the quantity and quality of water, making it available for human and wildlife consumption, as well as for agricultural activities in the area.

With the practical training on watershed forest conservation, participants will be better equipped to manage watershed forests and ensure the sustainable use of water resources in their communities.