Preschool Graduation at Municipal School 3 Wat Samuttharam


On a bright morning of March 15, 2024, excitement buzzed through the air at Municipal School 3 Wat Samuttharam. The event marked a significant milestone in the lives of the youngest members of the school community—the Preschool Graduation Ceremony for the Academic Year 2023.

Ceremony Highlights

At precisely 10:30 AM, the venue was filled with the proud faces of parents, the cheerful chatter of excited graduates, and the dedicated school staff, all gathered to celebrate a special occasion. Mr. Pakorn Kanjanophas, Vice President of the Municipal Council, took the stage to preside over the ceremony, acknowledging the achievements of these young learners.

A Gathering of Support

The ceremony was not just a platform to hand over certificates and accolades; it was a show of unity and support. Members of the Municipal Council, heads of government departments, and education office officials joined the celebration, exemplifying the community’s investment in the next generation’s education. Teachers beamed with pride, and parents looked on with a mix of joy and nostalgia, witnessing their children reaching an educational milestone.

A Foundation for the Future

The day was not only about celebrating past achievements but also about looking forward to the future. It emphasized the importance of a solid foundation in physical, mental, emotional, social, and intellectual domains. This holistic approach to early childhood education is designed to foster balanced development, ensuring that these children, the good and capable individuals of tomorrow, have the best start on their journey to becoming conscientious citizens.

Preparing for Higher Education

As the young graduates took their first confident steps into a broader world of education, the ceremony also underscored the significance of preparing for the successive phases of learning. The curriculum at Municipal School 3 Wat Samuttharam is crafted to ensure that the transition into higher levels of education is smooth, equipping children with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their future academic endeavors.

The Journey Continues

As the ceremony came to a close, the air was filled with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation. The young graduates, dressed in their miniature caps and gowns, could hardly contain their excitement about what lies ahead. The event concluded, not with goodbyes, but with a collective forward-looking attitude, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the coming academic years.

The Preschool Graduation Ceremony at Municipal School 3 Wat Samuttharam was a heartwarming reminder of the community’s role in shaping young minds and the shared responsibility to prepare them for the path that lies ahead.