Preserving Koh Samui’s Charm: A Collective Effort

📢🚯 เทศบาลน

Nestled in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui is a tropical haven famed for its pristine beaches, lush coconut groves, and vibrant tourist life. It’s a place where the azure waters meet the shore with a gentle whisper and where each sunset paints the sky with a different palette. To maintain its enchanting beauty, the Koh Samui City Municipality is championing a movement to uphold cleanliness and orderliness throughout the city.

Community Engagement in Urban Cleanliness

The heart of Koh Samui beats with the rhythm of its community. The city municipality implores both residents and businesses to partake in a shared responsibility to keep the urban landscape uncluttered and welcoming. A clean city not only reflects well on its inhabitants but also ensures a pleasant experience for the many visitors who grace its shores.

Action Points for Citizens and Businesses

The municipality has highlighted several key behaviors that could significantly contribute to a cleaner Koh Samui:

  • Mindful Parking Practices: Citizens are urged to avoid parking on sidewalks. This not only obstructs pedestrians but can also lead to unnecessary clutter and congestion.

  • Public Space Decorum: Advertising signs and other objects should not intrude upon public places. By keeping these areas free of promotional material, the city can enjoy the tranquility of its natural aesthetics.

  • Roadway Considerations: The roads of Koh Samui are not storage spaces. Items should not be left to dry, stack, or be placed haphazardly, as this can impede traffic flow and tarnish the city’s image.

  • Respecting Public Spaces: Personal business activities are to be conducted within designated areas and not in public spaces. This ensures everyone can enjoy communal areas without facing obstructions.

  • Clean Surroundings: When it comes to airing out or placing objects in public view, cleanliness is paramount. Untidy items should not be displayed around buildings or along the roads and sidewalks.

Protecting the Island’s Beauty and Safety

The call to action aligns with the principles set in the Cleanliness and Orderliness Act of 1992. The statute not only encourages civic pride but also enforces it. Violators found disregarding these norms may face penalties. These stipulations are in place not merely as a deterrent but as a reminder of the collective duty to safeguard the aesthetic allure and safety of Koh Samui’s habitats and its visitors.

A Continuous Journey

Koh Samui’s journey towards becoming a paragon of cleanliness and orderliness is ongoing. It’s a path paved with the goodwill and efforts of each individual. The goal is to assure that the island remains not only a top destination for tourists but also a cherished home for its residents. By embracing responsible habits and fostering a spirit of cooperation, the community can continue to thrive within a space that mirrors the island’s natural serenity.