Revitalizing Pattaya’s Tourism and Economy through Strategic Budget Allocation

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Pattaya City’s Budget Plan for Tourism and Local Economy

Pattaya City officials have decided to focus next year’s budget on boosting the local economy and revitalizing the tourism sector, according to Mayor Paramet Ngampichet. With a total approved budget of 1.9 billion baht, city executives, councillors, and local government agencies have recently convened to establish spending priorities for the upcoming fiscal year, starting on October 1.

Out of the total budget, 1.6 billion baht is allocated for fixed expenses, such as utility bills and staff salaries. The remaining funds are earmarked for investment and development projects aimed at restoring the local economy and the pandemic-hit tourism industry.

Expanding Tourism Promotions and Infrastructure

Pattaya City aims to attract more high-spending visitors by expanding its tourism promotions, including events like the Pattaya marathon, fireworks festival, and by introducing a new jazz festival. These events are expected to boost the city’s tourism appeal and contribute to its economic recovery.

Additionally, the city plans to invest in basic infrastructure projects to enhance its position as a major destination within the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). This will further solidify Pattaya’s reputation as a leading tourism destination in the region.

Resuming the National Eastern Sporting Stadium Project

Mayor Paramet Ngampichet also announced that the Pattaya City council had approved a budget of 336 million baht to resume the long-delayed construction of the National Eastern Sporting Stadium. The 20,000-seat stadium project, which had been delayed for 15 years, is now set to enter its third phase of construction after the bidding process to find a builder is complete.

The third phase is expected to last up to 820 days, after which an additional budget will be requested. The mayor is confident that the stadium project will be up and running during his tenure, and plans are underway to include a separate practice field for world-class competitions.

Addressing Challenges and Setbacks

The National Anti-Corruption Commission has inspected the stadium project, which was initially started in 2008 on a 371-rai land in tambon Huai Yai of Bang Lamung district in Chon Buri, and was scheduled for completion by 2017. However, various obstacles caused delays, including the discovery of large underground boulders that halted drilling work.

In 2020, a labor shortage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic led to another setback, as the contractor left the project unfinished despite having received a payment of 143 million baht. Pattaya City has since confiscated the firm’s 50-million-baht guarantee and is currently suing the firm to reclaim the remaining funds.

With these initiatives in place, Pattaya City’s strategic budget allocation is poised to revitalize tourism and stimulate the local economy, fostering growth even in the face of ongoing challenges.