Six Dismissed Police Officers in Kamnan Nok Case Transferred to Bangkok Remand Prison

police officers aiding fugitive

Officers Charged with Aiding Fugitive after Policeman’s Murder

Transferred Under Tight Security

Six police officers, who were dismissed from the force for allegedly helping Praween “Kamnan Nok” Chankhlai evade arrest after the fatal shooting of a policeman at his house, have been moved to Bangkok Remand Prison. The Hanuman special task force of the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) conducted the transfer from Samut Songkhram Central Prison on Wednesday. The CSD commander, Pol Maj Gen Montree, confirmed the transfer. The Royal Thai Police Office ordered the CSD to take over the case, and the transfer took place under high security.

Charges Against the Officers

The six officers are facing multiple charges, including dereliction of duty (Section 157 of the Criminal Code), assisting wrongdoers in escaping punishment (Section 184), and concealing evidence (Section 189). The officers involved are Pol Maj Kiatisak Somsuk, Pol Capt Natthapol Nakkorn, Pol Capt Narongsak Taeng-ampai, Pol Lt Nimit Salidkul, Pol Lt Prasarn Rodpol, and Pol Sub/Lt Sansarn Srisawat.

Background of the Case

The officers were dismissed from the force due to their alleged involvement in the aftermath of a fatal shooting at a dinner party at Mr. Praween’s house. Mr. Praween, then a kamnan (tambon chief) in Nakhon Pathom, is accused of planning the murder of Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua, a highway police officer. The suspected gunman, Thananchai Manmak, shot Pol Maj Sivakorn at close range after Praween’s request to promote his nephew, also a highway policeman, was denied. The incident occurred on the night of September 6, with around 30 policemen present at the event.

Gunman’s Death and Praween’s Surrender

The gunman, Thananchai Manmak, was killed two days later during a shootout with police in Kanchanaburi. After the gunman’s death, Mr. Praween surrendered to the police. He is currently detained at the Bangkok Remand Prison as the prime suspect in Pol Maj Sivakorn’s murder.

Separation of Detainees

The Bangkok Remand Prison comprises eight zones. To prevent any possible collusion, the six officers are being held in a different zone from Mr. Praween, according to a source familiar with the case.