Support for Narathiwat Explosion Victims

narathiwat explosion government support

Prime Minister and Interior Minister Visit Victims

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, along with Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda, visited the survivors of the firework warehouse explosion in Narathiwat on Friday. They reassured the victims that financial support would be provided through a combination of government funds and private donations.

The Office of the Prime Minister is assessing whether additional funds will be needed. Gen Prayut ordered authorities to resolve housing issues promptly to help the victims return to their normal lives.

Land Reforms and Funding for Survivors

During the visit, Gen Anupong mentioned plans to implement land reforms in tambon Muno. The goal is to restructure the overpopulated, flooded community and restore the areas affected by the explosion.

When asked about the sufficiency of the budget for the survivors, Gen Anupong confirmed that the government would seek more funding from various sources. He stated that “the government is trying its best [to compensate the survivors], especially the families of deceased victims.”

Ongoing Investigation and Legal Proceedings

The firework warehouse owners, Sompong Nakul and his wife, Piyanuch Peungwirawat, have been summoned for questioning in relation to the explosion on July 29. The incident in tambon Muno killed 12 people, injured 121, and damaged 292 houses. The owners have not yet reported to police investigators.

Gen Anupong mentioned that an investigation is underway, and no one will be exempt from legal proceedings. The warehouse owners, currently hiding in Malaysia, are allegedly connected with politicians.