scoutmasters leadership

Comprehensive Advanced Training for Scoutmasters on Koh Samui

Join us on Koh Samui as Scoutmasters come together for a week of skillbuilding and collaboration led by Deputy Mayor Pakorn Kanjanopas. With 90 trainees, 40 expert lecturers, workshops, and cultural exchanges, this event showcases the transformative power of scouting. Follow along for updates on this immersive leadership camp! ScoutmastersTraining KohSamuiLeadershipCamp InternationalScoutingCommunity 🏕️🤝🌍

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tourism development collaboration

Enhancing Tourism in Thailand’s Southern Islands: Development Committee’s Inaugural Session

Thailand’s southern islands are prioritizing sustainable tourism and community engagement to boost their tourism sector. Exciting plans are underway to create an inclusive and economically beneficial environment while protecting the islands’ natural and cultural resources. ✨🌴 ThailandTourism SustainableTravel CommunityEngagement IslandLife PreserveAndExplore TransformativeYear

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elderly care community values

Warm Welcome Extended by Koh Samui City Municipality

“Koh Samui City Municipality warmly welcomes Bang Ngam Subdistrict delegation, fostering innovation and compassion in elderly care. Together, we strive for a collaborative future that prioritizes the wellbeing of our senior members. ElderlyCare Innovation CommunitySupport Compassion” KohSamuiCityMunicipality BangNgamSubdistrict ElderlyEmpowerment CollaborativeFuture TailoredServices WellBeing SupportingSeniors SeniorCommunity

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sustainable development goals collaboration

Creating Change Through Collaborative Efforts

Let’s work together to achieve the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and create a sustainable and inclusive society in Thailand! Join the government, private sector, civil society, and citizens in applying the SDGs to daily life, discussing them with others, and volunteering in activities that promote them. SDGs sustainabledevelopment collaboration Thailand brighterfuture

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asia-pacific collaboration

SHAPE APAC 2023: Building Resilient Asia-Pacific

“Collaboration, innovation, and resilience were at the heart of SHAPE APAC 2023, a threeday conference organized by the Global Shaper Bangkok Hub. Bringing together 178 Shapers from 70 hubs in 30 countries, the event focused on rebuilding a resilient region through sustainable practices, tourism, and creative economy. SHAPEAPAC2023 GlobalShaperBangkokHub ResilientRegion SustainableTourism CreativeEconomy”

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health promotion disease prevention

Wat Promoting Good Health Project: A Collaborative Effort for Monks’ Well-being in 2019

“Discover the Wat Promoting Good Health Project, empowering Buddhist monks to take charge of their own health care through selfawareness and responsibility. This groundbreaking initiative was supported by the Koh Samui Municipality Health Insurance Fund and has the potential to inspire similar programs in the future. WatPromotingGoodHealth BuddhistMonks HealthcareAwareness KohSamui ThailandTourism”

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drug abuse prevention education

Drug Abuse Prevention and Mitigation Project

On September 8, 2023, at 9:30 am, Wat Kiriwongkaram School in Taling Ngam Subdistrict, Koh Samui District, hosted the opening ceremony of the Drug Abuse Prevention and Mitigation Project. Mr. Damrongpol Inthachan, the acting director of the school, presided over the event. The ceremony was attended by a diverse group of stakeholders, including police officers from Koh Samui Police Station, the fund committee, teachers, students, municipal employees, and representatives from the Department of Public Health and Environment.

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