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Lifelong Learning at Koh Samui Senior School

🌟 Lifelong Learning at Koh Samui Senior School 🌟 Enroll now for their second season and dive into a 100hour program focused on wellbeing, happiness, and adaptability for seniors! Don’t miss out on this opportunity for growth and community engagement! 📚🌺 LifelongLearning KohSamuiSeniorSchool CommunityCare EducationForAll LearnAndGrow KohSamuiLife

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Empowering Through Education: Koh Samui’s STEM Initiative

📚 Check out Koh Samui’s groundbreaking STEM Education Project, empowering individuals through inclusive learning opportunities and bridging the educational gap. 🌍 Join the movement towards a brighter future for all and support lifelong learning by following their innovative approach. KohSamui STEMEducation InclusiveLearning LifelongLearning EducationForAll CriticalThinking InterdisciplinaryLearning ProgressiveEducation BrighterFuture

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The Inaugural Seniors’ School Certificate Awarding Ceremony at Koh Samui Municipal City

“Congratulations to the 59 seniors of Koh Samui Municipal City’s Seniors’ School for their incredible achievements! 🎓👏🏼 This certificate awarding ceremony, officiated by Mayor Ramnetr Jaikwang, highlights the city’s dedication to elderly welfare and lifelong learning. 🌟✨ KohSamui SeniorsSchool LifelongLearning ElderlyWelfare CertificateCeremony”

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