Lifelong Learning at Koh Samui Senior School

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🌟 Lifelong Learning at Koh Samui Senior School 🌟 Enroll now for their second season and dive into a 100-hour program focused on well-being, happiness, and adaptability for seniors! Don’t miss out on this opportunity for growth and community engagement! 📚🌺 #LifelongLearning #KohSamuiSeniorSchool #CommunityCare #EducationForAll #LearnAndGrow #KohSamuiLife

A New Horizon for Seniors

Koh Samui Senior School opens its doors for a second season of lifelong learning. In a stunning showcase of community care, the school invites seniors to embrace new knowledge and skills.

The Enrollment Window

Starting April 18 to May 7, 2024, the enrollment period is an opportunity not to be missed. It’s worth noting that public holidays are not included, so mark your calendars accordingly for weekdays.

A Curriculum for Fulfillment and Engagement

The school boasts a well-rounded 100-hour program. Each subject is tailored to foster well-being, happiness, and adaptability among seniors.

  • Health and Self-care: A 36-hour course to enhance the well-being of seniors.
  • Cultural Wisdom and Happiness: Dive into 20 hours of learning designed to celebrate life and cultural heritage.
  • Financial Empowerment: A 16-hour primer on securing financial stability and exploring meaningful occupations.
  • Technology and Media: An 18-hour journey to digital literacy, keeping seniors connected and informed.
  • Environmental Adaptation: A 10-hour guide on creating senior-friendly living spaces.

How to Join

Those interested can apply in person at the Social Welfare Division within the Koh Samui City Municipality Office – a hub for community support.

For further information, questions can be directed to the Social Welfare Division at the phone number 077420862, ensuring personal guidance through the application process.

The Koh Samui Senior School stands as a beacon, highlighting the importance of continued education and community engagement for seniors. With an array of subjects to stimulate both mind and body, the school’s second batch promises growth, connectivity, and joy in the years that truly matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of learning opportunities does Koh Samui Senior School offer for its second season?

Koh Samui Senior School celebrates its second season with a vibrant array of learning experiences, tailored specifically for seniors seeking to nourish their minds and souls. The school has skillfully woven a 100-hour curriculum to invigorate one’s zest for life, aiming to enhance well-being, happiness, and adaptability. Courses unfurl like a tapestry of knowledge, with strands including Health and Self-care, Cultural Wisdom and Happiness, Financial Empowerment, Technology and Media, and Environmental Adaptation. Each subject, a delicate thread of the larger educational fabric, is designed to engage seniors in a deeply fulfilling journey of lifelong learning.

When can seniors enroll in the Lifelong Learning program, and are there any specific dates to keep in mind?

The enrollment window for this enriching escapade of education opens on April 18 and graciously awaits your entry until May 7, 2024. As time meanders by, remember that the beckoning call of this opportunity excludes public holidays, leaving the weekdays as your canvas to paint the first strokes of your educational quest. Embrace this chance with open arms, for the days are as fleeting as the tides, and one wouldn’t want to miss the boat that sails towards the horizon of knowledge and personal growth at the Koh Samui Senior School.

How can one apply to join the Koh Samui Senior School, and where can additional information be sought?

To cast your lot with the seekers of wisdom at Koh Samui Senior School, set forth in person to the heart of community support at the Social Welfare Division within the Koh Samui City Municipality Office. It is here that your journey begins, not just as an applicant but as an individual taking a step toward a bright future of connectivity and joy. For those hungering for more details or who find themselves at crossroads with questions, help is but a phone call away at 077420862. There, a guiding voice awaits to lead you through the gates of the school that stands proudly as a beacon for lifelong learning and senior empowerment.