Taxi Driver Arrested for Robbing Sleeping Passenger in Bangkok

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The Incident

A 45-year-old taxi driver, identified as Sirichai, was recently arrested in connection with the theft of valuables worth 1.2 million baht from a Japanese businessman in Bangkok. The businessman, identified as Nammo, had fallen asleep in the taxi after a night out in the city. Sirichai was taken into custody from his room on Ekachai 40 Road in Bang Bon district.

Upon searching Sirichai’s residence, police recovered an iPhone worth 40,000 baht and a MacBook computer worth 60,000 baht, which had been reported as stolen by Nammo. The stolen items also included a Rolex wristwatch worth approximately 1 million baht and a credit card.

The Theft Report

Nammo reported the theft at Thong Lor station last Thursday, stating that his belongings were stolen after he fell asleep in a pink taxi on his way back to his room on Sukhumvit Road from the Asok area. He had been enjoying a night out in the city when the incident occurred.

Tracking the Suspect

The investigation gained momentum after Nammo’s Thai girlfriend, Jamnian, informed the police that the Japanese man received text messages from his bank on Monday regarding the unauthorized use of his credit card. The usage occurred twice in Bang Khunthian district earlier that morning.

Using this information, police were able to track down Sirichai and his pink and white taxi, which was parked near his residence.

The Victim’s Experience

Nammo had arrived in Thailand earlier this month for a holiday and planned to return to Japan on June 19. The theft of his belongings had significantly affected his trip, causing him considerable stress.

Suspect’s Confession and Prior Record

Sirichai confessed to the theft and informed the police that he had pawned the Rolex watch for 25,000 baht. It was also discovered that he had a prior criminal record, including drug abuse in 2012 and drug possession in 2015, both in Bangkok.

Ongoing Investigation

Authorities are now working to recover the remaining stolen items, including the Rolex watch, and are continuing their investigation into the case.