Thai Restaurateur Tragically Murdered in Germany

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A Gruesome Discovery in Berlin

A Thai woman, who was a restaurant owner, has reportedly been murdered in Germany. Local news outlet revealed that the victim was discovered with her throat slit in the courtyard of her residence on Fuggerstrasse, a neighborhood in the German capital of Berlin.

Rescue workers arrived at the scene, but unfortunately, they were unable to save the woman’s life.

Homicide Investigation Underway

Although a definite cause of death has not yet been confirmed, a police spokeswoman mentioned that the location and type of injuries indicate a homicide. Consequently, homicide detectives have taken over the case. The victim’s personal items, such as a bloodstained purse, were secured at the crime scene.

Forensic officers managed to retrieve a shattered bottle that might have caused the lethal injury. The incident is currently being treated as a criminal offense.

The Victim’s Identity and Business

The 61-year-old victim was later identified by a Twitter user as a Thai national and the proprietor of a local eatery named Thai-Art. A funeral service has been planned in Berlin for the deceased woman.

Following the shocking news, numerous online condolences have poured in. Many have recognized the woman, known as Siliya “Kung” Rothert, for successfully running a noodle enterprise.

A Glimpse of Her Successful Restaurant

A photograph from Siliya Rothert’s Facebook page features her Thai-Art noodle restaurant, which was located in Berlin.

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