The Magnificent Giant Koran of Yala Attracts Muslim Visitors

muslim koran

A Unique Attraction in Raman District

Yala’s Raman district has recently become a popular destination for Muslims from various regions, all thanks to its latest artistic creation – the nation’s biggest Koran. This massive model of the Koran was made for the annual celebration of Eid al-Fitr, which marked the end of Ramadan on April 21 this year.

According to Marokhi Ahreeyu, imam of Baan Paphungoh Mosque, the idea behind the project was to create something unique and outstanding. With the help of skilled artists, carpenters, and calligraphers, the giant Koran came to life.

Craftsmanship and Design

The enormous model book, designed by Masaki Johmae, is made of plywood. It stands upright like an opened Koran, measuring 3.36 meters in height and 5.3 meters in width. Impressively, the project’s cost was only 6,000 baht.

Muneerulhuk Maso, an award-winning calligrapher who has been practicing Islamic calligraphy since his childhood, handcrafted the mesmerizing calligraphy on the giant Koran. He admits that the challenge was writing the text on such a large scale.

Inspiring the Youth

Muneerulhuk hopes that the massive Koran display will encourage young people to learn to read and write Koranic script. He also suggests that the government should include Islamic calligraphy in the basic education curriculum, particularly in Islamic schools.

Impact on the Local Community

The giant Koran has already drawn visitors from neighboring countries such as Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. The influx of tourists has brought in at least 300,000 baht in donations to the community, according to Mr. Marokhi.

To preserve the artwork, the community has plans to build a roof over it, protecting it from the elements. This incredible masterpiece serves not only as an artistic attraction but also as a testament to the community’s devotion and creativity.