The Troubles of an Informant Caught Between Corrupt Police and a Drug Gang

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An Informant’s Cry for Help

Jang Talat Phlu, a police informant operating under an alias, found himself in a dangerous situation as he was caught between corrupt police officers and a drug gang in Bangkok. In a desperate attempt to seek help, Jang turned to the Sai Mai Tong Rod Facebook page, which is known for providing assistance during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

The Raid and Its Aftermath

In August last year, a police raid took place at a house in Soi Taksin 19, Thon Buri district. The officers arrested a caretaker and confiscated 100,000 methamphetamine tablets. Shortly after the incident, Jang received a call from someone named Coke Bovi, requesting him to persuade a corrupt police gang not to arrest the owner of the seized drugs.

Subsequently, the police, who were part of the so-called Piglet Gang, demanded one million baht to avoid pressing charges. The drug owner managed to negotiate this sum down to 500,000 baht.

The Bribery Recording and its Consequences

Jang recorded the phone conversation between the corrupt police gang and the drug owner before paying the bribe. However, police arrested Coke Bovi early this year, leading to the bribe’s financier demanding a refund from Jang.

Jang arranged a meeting with Pol Capt Pong, the deputy chief inspector and leader of the Piglet Gang, at a nightspot in Talat Phlu. Fearing a trap, he sent a friend instead. Upon meeting the friend, Pol Capt Pong detained him and refused to return the bribe money. Jang managed to secure his friend’s release by threatening to expose the recorded conversation discussing the earlier bribe.

The Ongoing Terror

Since the confrontation, Pol Capt Pong and his gang have been terrorizing Jang’s family. In addition, the drug gang is also hounding him for a refund. Caught in the crossfire between the corrupt police and the drug gang, Jang Talat Phlu’s situation highlights the challenges faced by informants who become entangled in the complex web of crime and corruption.