TOA’s Commitment to a Greener Future: Planting 2 Million Trees by 2034

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TOA, a leading paint company, recently announced its ambitious plan to plant over 2 million trees by 2034 through its “TOA SAVE US SAVE EARTH” reforestation project. This initiative aims to support their objective of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. TOA’s dedication to sustainable business operations is demonstrated by adhering to the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework, promoting long-term business growth, and striving for a greener future.

A Diverse Array of Trees

The reforestation project will focus on cultivating over 200 botanic plant species, including the golden shower tree, apple blossom tree, fire of Pakistan, rosy trumpet tree, tree of gold, queen’s crape myrtle, trumpet tree, and tamarind. By planting a diverse range of trees, TOA aims to address the long-term impacts of climate change and decrease carbon emissions. The project’s launch brought together more than 200 trade partners, executive board members, and volunteer staff.

Aligning with ESG and SDGs Frameworks

TOA’s CEO, Mr. Jatuphat Tangkaravakoon, expressed the company’s commitment to aligning its sustainability development strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ESG frameworks. The “TOA SAVE US SAVE EARTH” campaign supports these goals by working towards the reforestation of 2 million trees by 2034.

Environmental Impact and Green Transition

TOA’s dedication to ESG Sustainability Development is evident in their ongoing efforts to transition towards a greener future. The company aims to become a net-zero organization by 2050 through reforestation projects and other environmental initiatives. These include adopting renewable solar energy, reducing fossil fuel usage, promoting electric vehicles, maximizing production capacity, and developing green innovations for health and safety. Through these efforts, TOA hopes to mitigate the impacts of climate change and limit global temperature increase to no more than 1.5°C.

Collaboration with Forest Department and Trade Alliances

TOA is working closely with the Department of Forest and trade alliances to achieve their goal of planting 2 million trees by 2034. The first reforestation project will be carried out on a 740-rai estate in the Nam Som District of Udon Thani province and Pak Chom District in Loei, with a target completion date of August 2023. This initiative is the first step in restoring depleted forestry, creating a sustainable ecosystem, and ensuring the land is utilized to benefit local communities.