Toothbrush Promotion Project in Koh Samui Schools

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The Health Insurance Fund of Koh Samui Municipality has recently launched an initiative focused on improving dental health among students. The toothbrush promotion project aims to teach proper oral hygiene habits, reduce dental health issues in children, and ultimately promote a healthier future for the young population.

The Opening Ceremony

On September 11, 2023, at Wat Nara Charoen Suk School, the toothbrush promotion project commenced. Mr. Phutthaphan Phromraksa, the director of Wat Nara Charoen Suk School, presided over the opening ceremony. Notably, the event was attended by members of the Health Insurance Fund Committee, officials representing the Health Insurance Fund, teachers, and students.

The Project’s Goals and Implementation

Wat Nara Charoen Suk School, as the author of the project, requested a budget from the Health Insurance Fund to support the initiative. The ultimate aim is to ensure that students develop and maintain good dental health, strong teeth, and proper oral hygiene habits.

Through this project, students will learn the importance of keeping their mouths and teeth clean, as well as the basic techniques for maintaining oral hygiene. By instilling these fundamental habits, the toothbrush promotion project hopes to reduce the prevalence of dental health problems among children in Koh Samui schools.

A Brighter, Healthier Future

In conclusion, this toothbrush promotion project in Koh Samui schools represents an important step toward a healthier future for children. By focusing on dental care and oral hygiene, the Health Insurance Fund and the participating schools aim to equip students with the knowledge and habits necessary for maintaining good dental health throughout their lives.