Tragic Encounter: Wild Elephant Attacks Result In Village Chief’s Death

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🙏🐘 Tragic news from Tha Chana district! The village chief of Moo 11, Samnao Kraiket, was fatally attacked by a wild elephant while protecting his community’s crops. Our thoughts are with the villagers during this difficult time. #VillageChief #WildlifeConflict #TragicLoss #ThaChanaDistrict #CommunityProtection #ElephantAttack #Condolences 🌿🌳🌸

In a shocking incident, a village chief lost his life following a brutal attack by a wild elephant in the southern province of Surat Thani. The tragic event took place in Tha Chana district, causing deep sorrow among the villagers and raising serious concerns regarding human-wildlife conflicts.

Fatal Injury Details

Samnao Kraiket, the head of Moo 11 village located in Tambon Khlong Pha, succumbed to his injuries post the attack. His injuries were severe, including a crushed rib cage, a broken hip, and critical head injuries, reflecting the intensity of the assault.

Uninvited Guests: Elephants on a Ravaging Spree

The episode unfolded when a herd of 11 wild elephants trespassed into an oil palm plantation at Thap Saming Khla, Moo 11 village. The elephants, focused on feeding, stripped the trees, causing extensive damage to a significant portion of the plantation.

The Standoff: Villagers versus Elephants

Seeking to protect their crops, Samnao led a team comprising volunteers from four villages and rangers from Kaeng Krung National Park. Their mission: to steer the elephant herd away from the plantation and back into the confines of the national park’s forest.

The Attack: A Mother Elephant’s Defensive Instinct

The situation escalated rapidly when four elephants dashed towards the group. One of them, a cow elephant accompanied by her calf, launched an attack on Samnao. Police suspect that the elephant mother’s primary motive was to safeguard her calf, leading to this unfortunate incident.

Aftermath: A Village Mourns Its Leader

The volunteers, although successful in driving the elephants back into the forest, suffered a tremendous loss. Their village head, Samnao, could not survive the attack. He breathed his last on the way to Tha Chana Hospital, leaving his village in grief and mourning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What was the sequence of events leading up to the tragic incident in Tha Chana district?


The incident unfolded when a herd of 11 wild elephants wandered into an oil palm plantation in Moo 11 village, causing extensive damage to the vegetation. Samnao Kraiket, the village chief, along with a team of volunteers and rangers from Kaeng Krung National Park, sought to deter the elephants and guide them back to the national park. The situation took a tragic turn when a cow elephant, in a possible bid to protect her calf, attacked Samnao, inflicting fatal injuries.

2. How severe were the injuries sustained by the village chief, Samnao Kraiket, in the elephant attack?


Samnao Kraiket, the head of Moo 11 village, suffered grievous injuries in the elephant attack. He endured a crushed rib cage, a broken hip, and serious head injuries, testament to the intensity of the assault. Despite the best efforts of his fellow villagers, Samnao succumbed to his injuries en route to Tha Chana Hospital.

3. What was the aftermath of the wild elephant attack?


Following the horrendous attack, the volunteers succeeded in driving the elephants back into the forest. However, the village suffered an immense loss with the death of their leader, Samnao, who died on the way to the hospital. The incident left the village in a state of grief and mourning, highlighting the pressing issue of human-wildlife conflict.