**Understanding the Finance Department**

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The Finance Department plays a pivotal role in managing the economic resources of an organization. Its functions encompass a wide range of financial activities, from budget planning to revenue development.

Contact Information

Should you find yourself in need of assistance or have specific questions about financial services, the following details will be useful:

The Revenue Development Division of the Finance Department is situated within the dedicated Revenue Development Building. It has a prominent location at 31/19 Moo 1, in the serene Ang Thong Sub-district of the bustling Ko Samui District, nestled within the picturesque Surat Thani Province.

Communication Channels:
To make an inquiry, the department has provided multiple telephone lines for convenience. You can reach out via the following numbers:
– 0-7742-6116
– 0-7742-6118
– 0-7742-6119

For those who prefer digital correspondence, the Line ID @SAMUILANDTAX is readily available for contact through the popular social media app.

Services Offered

The Revenue Development Division is tasked with exploring and implementing strategies to enhance the financial inflow. These strategies include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying new revenue streams
  • Optimizing existing financial processes
  • Ensuring compliance with tax regulations

Reaching Out

When contacting the Finance Department, it’s recommended to have all necessary documents and questions prepared. This preparation ensures a smooth and efficient experience. The staff is trained to offer guidance and support in a friendly and professional manner, reflecting their commitment to excellent customer service.