Vietnamese Nationals Arrested for Operating Online Gambling Website in Pattaya

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Police Raid Hotel Rooms, Seize Equipment

In the early hours of Tuesday, 13 Vietnamese nationals were arrested by investigators from the Metropolitan Police Division 5 and Pattaya police for operating an online gambling operation. The illegal activity took place in three hotel rooms located on Pattaya Sai 3 road in Bang Lamung district. The police raided these rooms shortly after midnight, leading to the arrest of the suspects.

During their search, police seized various equipment used in the illegal operation, including 25 computers, 58 mobile phones, and other related items. All arrested individuals were taken to Pattaya City police station for further processing.

Charges Faced by the Arrested Individuals

The 13 Vietnamese nationals are facing charges of colluding in running an online gambling operation or persuading people in a direct or indirect manner to gamble. With their faces blurred by the police during the official reporting of the incident, the suspects await further legal action.

The Growing Concern of Online Gambling Operations

The arrest of the Vietnamese nationals in Pattaya highlights the ongoing issue of illegal online gambling operations in the area. Law enforcement agencies continue to work diligently to apprehend those responsible for these illicit activities and protect citizens from potential harm.

Pattaya’s Efforts to Combat Online Gambling

As part of their efforts to crackdown on illegal online gambling, Pattaya police have been enhancing their investigative techniques and working closely with other law enforcement agencies. This recent raid serves as a testament to their commitment towards maintaining law and order within the city and the broader region.