Welcome Ceremony for Songkhla Municipality Study Group at Koh Samui Municipality Office

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The article discusses a study visit by the Songkhla Municipality delegation to Koh Samui Municipality Office. The purpose of the visit was to learn from the management and administrative practices at Koh Samui Municipality to enhance the performance of Songkhla City Municipality officials.

Visiting Delegation

The study group from Songkhla Municipality included officials from various departments and was led by Mr. Sawat Chaiyaonkaew, President of the Council. Key attendees in the group comprised the Municipal Clerk, Deputy Municipal Clerk, and the heads of different government agencies.

Hosts and Venue

The welcoming ceremony took place at the Petch Samui meeting room in Koh Samui Municipality Office. Deputy Mayor Miss Suphinya Sritongkul presided over the ceremony, with officials from the Department of Public Health and Environment of Koh Samui Municipality also in attendance.

Focus Areas of the Study Visit

Health Insurance Fund Management

One of the primary areas of interest for the visiting delegation was the management of the health insurance fund. The study group aimed to understand and learn from the practices and strategies employed by Koh Samui Municipality in handling their health insurance program.

10,000-Bed Hospital

Another important topic on the study agenda was the administration of the 10,000-bed hospital in Koh Samui. The delegation sought to gain insights into the hospital’s functioning and management techniques, with an emphasis on healthcare delivery, resource allocation, and patient care.

Waste Management Practices

The final area of focus for the study visit was waste management. The Songkhla Municipality delegation aimed to explore the waste management systems adopted by Koh Samui Municipality, understand their challenges, and identify best practices that could be applied in Songkhla City.

Objective of the Study Visit

The primary objective of the visit was to facilitate exchange of learning experiences and skills between the two municipalities. The Songkhla Municipality delegation aimed to acquire knowledge and insights from their counterparts in Koh Samui, with the intention of applying these learnings to improve the functioning of their organization and enable their officials to perform their duties more effectively in the future.