Woman Accused of Leading Romance Scam Gang

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Arrest of Alleged Gang Leader

Police recently arrested Dueanpen Jitwimolprasert, a 33-year-old woman suspected of being the mastermind behind the infamous Busarakham romance scam gang. She was apprehended at a house in tambon Tha Chumpol of Photharam district, Ratchaburi province. The Busarakham gang reportedly used photos of an attractive, well-endowed woman under the alias “Busarakham” on a dating app to lure men into their scheme.

The Scam: Cars Purchased on Hire Purchase Agreements

The gang’s method involved enticing men to fall for the woman posing as Busarakham, who would convince her victims to buy new cars through hire purchase agreements, promising that she would handle the installment payments. However, once the cars were purchased, the gang would steal the vehicles, leaving the victims burdened with the debt.

Notorious Gang Targeting Multiple Regions

According to Pol Maj Gen Theeradet Thumsuthee, chief investigator of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, the Busarakham gang is notorious for targeting men in the central plains, western, and eastern regions of the country. About 15 victims have already filed complaints with the police, with the two most recent cases taking place in the eastern province of Chon Buri.

Attempt to Flee and Denial of Charges

Ms. Dueanpen was arrested while packing her bags, seemingly preparing to flee the scene. Despite the arrest, she denies all charges against her, maintaining that she has no connection to the scams committed by Ms. Busarakham, who had already been arrested earlier. Ms. Dueanpen did, however, admit to money transfers between herself and Ms. Busarakham, but claims they were just normal loans.

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