Youth Wildlife Guardians: Combating Environmental Challenges

youth wildlife guardians environmental education

Environmental Education Unit Event

On June 7, 2023, Baan Na Khai School in Maret Subdistrict, Koh Samui District, Surat Thani Province hosted an important event focused on environmental awareness. Deputy Mayor of Koh Samui Municipality, Miss Supinya Sritongkul, attended the Environmental Education Unit (EEU) event. The gathering was organized by the Environmental and Social Foundation, alongside key collaborators WWF, ONYX Hospitality Group, and PA Concrete Company Limited.

Empowering Young Wildlife Guardians

The primary objective of the event was to support Youth Wildlife Guardians in producing impactful documentaries. These documentaries aimed to address various environmental issues, such as wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, global climate change, sustainable food, and waste management in the ocean.

A total of 20 documentaries were produced, and attendees were able to watch them through VR Headsets. These documentaries will not be confined to the event alone; they will be showcased in a mobile exhibition across the country for 10 months, using the dedicated Environmental Education Unit (EEU) vehicle.

Plastic Smart Cities: A United Effort for a Cleaner Environment

To complement the event, the Koh Samui Municipality’s Public Health and Environment Division collaborated with the PSC Working Committee under the Plastic Smart Cities project. They joined forces with WWF Thailand to raise awareness about the impact of environmental problems.

Fostering Unity and Responsibility

One of the underlying goals of the collaborative effort was to nurture unity and discipline among the local community. By promoting cleanliness and proper waste management, the organizers aimed to instill a sense of responsibility toward protecting the marine environment.

This initiative coincided with World Ocean Day, an annual event celebrated on June 8th. The day serves as a global reminder of the importance of our oceans and the need to take action to preserve them for future generations.

Moving Forward: A Sustainable Future

By engaging the youth through documentaries and promoting environmental responsibility among community members, events such as these play a pivotal role in creating a sustainable future. Through collaborative efforts, education, and awareness, we can work together to address the environmental challenges we face today.