Big Joke Files Complaint Over Search Warrant Misrepresentation

police search warrant

Deputy national police chief Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn has filed a complaint against the police application for a search warrant, claiming that important information was misrepresented. Surachate also stated that his subordinates who were arrested during the police operation for alleged online gambling will file complaints. #SurachateHakparn #PoliceMisrepresentation #ThailandTourism

Warrant Application Accusations

Deputy national police chief Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn filed a complaint with the Criminal Court, alleging contempt of court in the police application for a search warrant. Surachate claims that the application for the search warrant concealed important information from the court, such as the fact that he occupied the five houses that were searched. He also argued that the large force of officers involved in the searches tarnished his reputation.

Police Raid Context

The searches took place on Vibhavadi 60 Road in Bangkok as part of a larger operation against an online gambling network. Surachate stated that the officers who conducted the searches were targeting a police inspector who is his close aide and would have known that he lived in those houses. He believes that if the court had known the houses belonged to him and that he wasn’t facing prosecution, they would have acted more fairly.

Unfair Treatment Claims

Surachate also suggested that his subordinates who were arrested during the police operation for alleged involvement in online gambling would file complaints as well. He argued that if the court had known the arrest warrants were targeting police officers, they would have issued summonses instead, as police officers are government officials whose whereabouts are clear and wouldn’t attempt to escape. According to Surachate, the requests to the court for arrest warrants for his subordinates only identified them by name and omitted their police ranks.

Surachate’s Defense

Surachate maintained that he has no connection to any online gambling businesses. He acknowledged that some of his subordinates had a connection with a suspected online gambling host, but he insisted that it was a personal matter and should not be linked to him. Regarding the searched houses, Surachate claimed they belong to a close relative who is a large businessman in Udon Thani province. He rented the houses for convenience when staying in Bangkok, as he is a native of the southern province of Songkhla. He occupied two of the houses and used the other three for storage purposes.

Internal Police Politics

Surachate stated that he raised the issue of the searches with national police chief Pol Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapas, who informed him that he knew about the possible searches and had instructed the officers to inform him in advance. However, Damrongsak claimed he was informed of the searches only after they took place, leading Surachate to believe that someone else ordered the searches and that internal politics within the Royal Thai Police Office were at play.

Some Personal Reflections

In the land of smiles and vibrant sunsets melding with the ocean, a darker tale unfolds — one of alleged deceit, internal politics, and the delicate balance of power within the Royal Thai Police Office. It’s like biting into a seemingly innocent som tam only to find the fire of chilies lurking underneath. The unfolding story surrounding Deputy national police chief Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, his subordinates, and the search warrants, is a dish that’s as complex as the finest Thai street food. One can’t help but be drawn into this multi-layered narrative, as if it were a street food stall tucked away in an alley, where the sizzle of the pan announces the arrival of a feast that is as delicious as it is fraught with intrigue.

Yet, as we savor the flavors of this unfolding drama, we must remember that we are but outsiders to the complex web of relationships and power dynamics that underlie it. We may sample the delights of an Udon Thani businessman’s houses, or empathize with the subordinates caught in the crossfire of conflicting interests, but we are ultimately strangers in this land of a thousand smiles and murky tales. So, let us enjoy the feast before us, but acknowledge that the richness of the flavors lies in the hands that craft the dish, and the generations of tradition that have shaped it. In this case, it’s the intricate dance of the Royal Thai Police Office, a dance that we may never truly understand but can only hope to appreciate.