Central Investigation Bureau Ensures Unbiased Probe into Kamnan Nok Case

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“Central Investigation Bureau takes charge of Kamnan Nok case after two highway police officers were shot. The case has been divided into four groups, with one group of 15 officers accused of malfeasance. #investigation #police #crime #Thailand #KamnanNok #CIB #bidcollusion”

Murder of Highway Police Officer

On September 6, a tragic event unfolded at the residence of former kamnan Praween Chankhlai, also known as Kamnan Nok, in Muang district, Nakhon Pathom. Two highway police officers, Pol Lt Col Wasin Panpee and Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua, were shot during a gathering. Pol Maj Sivakorn later succumbed to his injuries, while Pol Lt Col Wasin sustained injuries from a bullet.

Case Transferred to CIB

Following the incident, the case against the officers who attended the party was transferred to the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) on September 14. CIB chief Pol Lt Gen Jiraphob Bhuridej assigned Pol Col Anek Taosuphap, deputy commander of the Crime Suppression Division (CSD), to lead the investigation.

Four Main Groups Identified

According to Pol Lt Gen Jiraphob, the CIB has now identified 29 officers who attended the party that day. They were divided into four main groups based on evidence and witness testimony.

Group 1: 15 Officers Accused of Malfeasance

One group of 15 officers was accused of malfeasance under Section 157 of the Criminal Code. Pol Col Anek stated that all had falsely claimed they were not involved. These officers are expected to be sentenced to up to 10 years in jail and pay fines ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 baht.

Group 2: Victimized Officers

Pol Maj Sivakorn and Pol Lt Col Wasin, who were shot during the event, were categorized as victimized officers.

Group 3: “Others”

Six officers arrested on September 10 for letting Praween Chankhlai and the gunman escape were categorized as “others.” Among them was Pol Col Vachira Yaothaisong, Pol Maj Sivakorn’s commander, who committed suicide on September 11.

CIB’s Commitment to Fair Investigation

Pol Lt Gen Jiraphob stated that the CIB is committed to ensuring a fair and unbiased investigation, not allowing any influential figures or officers to interfere.

Parallel Investigation into Bid Collusion Allegations

Regarding the bid collusion allegations against Praween Chankhlai, the Anti-Corruption Division will conduct an investigation in parallel with the Department of Special Investigation. Pol Lt Gen Jiraphob added that more legal accusations against Praween will be issued if necessary.

Some Personal Reflections

As I sip my morning tea at a sala near Maenam Beach, the news of the Kamnan Nok case washes over me. The tragic events that unfolded on September 6th, with the murder of a highway police officer, feel like a dark cloud casting its shadow over the otherwise serene and sun-kissed shores of Thailand. The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) taking charge of the case brings a glimmer of hope, a promise of an unbiased probe into the matter. Their approach, dividing the case into four main groups based on evidence and witness testimony, seems methodical, much like the well-orchestrated khon performances that traditional Thai culture is known for. I can’t help but think that justice, much like the sun that rises each day, will eventually pierce through the fog of uncertainty and bring light to the truth.

And yet, as I walk along the warm sands, I am heartened by the determination and tenacity of the CIB, embodied by Pol Lt Gen Jiraphob Bhuridej. The vow to ensure a fair and unbiased investigation echoes the spirit of resilience etched into the faces of the humble fishermen I encounter along my travels. The people who, much like the glistening waves that lap at the shore, keep moving forward, undeterred by the adversities they face. But my thoughts also linger on the parallel investigation into the bid collusion allegations against Praween Chankhlai; a reminder that the tendrils of corruption can seep into even the most pristine of landscapes. As the sun melts into the ocean, dripping gold along the way, I find myself hoping that, in time, the truth will triumph over all, and that the Kamnan Nok case will find its rightful place in the annals of history, as a testament to the pursuit of justice and the resilience of the Thai people.