Call for Submissions: National Alcohol-Free Day Awards 2024

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Celebrate National Alcohol-Free Day Awards 2024 by submitting your initiatives to promote sobriety by March 31! Let’s work together towards a healthier society by creating an alcohol-free environment. 🌟 #AlcoholFreeDayAwards #HealthyCommunities #SobrietyMatters 🌿

Invitation for Participation

The Department of Disease Control extends an open invitation to individuals and organizations dedicated to the cause of promoting sobriety. This call to action is in search of those whose efforts in the prevention and control of alcohol consumption have made a noteworthy impact. The occasion? National Alcohol-Free Day 2024—a time to celebrate and recognize the strides made in fostering a healthier society.

Submission Period

Starting today, the floor is open for submissions. Entrants have until March 31, 2024, to put forward their initiatives, campaigns, or programs. These can range from community outreach efforts to innovative tools designed to curb alcohol use.

Application Details

Eager to learn more about the criteria? Yearning to throw your hat in the ring? All pertinent information—including the guidelines for entries and the official application form—is readily accessible. Just visit the provided link to get started: Application Information.

Inquiries and Additional Information

Questions might arise, and further details may be sought. For such instances, The Office of the Alcohol Control Committee stands ready to assist. You can reach out to them directly via telephone at 0 2590 3392 or send a fax to 0 2590 3035, making sure to use Extension 111.

Engagement and Outreach

This initiative not only underscores the commitment of the Department of Disease Control to public health but also highlights the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, including the Koh Samui City Municipality and the Public Health and Environment Division. It’s a collective endeavor to nurture societal well-being and commemorate the resolve to create an alcohol-free environment.

Get Involved

The Department of Disease Control is keen to engage with a wide array of participants. Whether you’re a seasoned activist, a non-profit organization, or simply a group of concerned citizens, your contribution is invaluable. This is more than a competition—it’s a chance to drive change and inspire a larger movement towards healthier lifestyles and communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can individuals and organizations participate in the National Alcohol-Free Day Awards 2024?

To engage in the celebration and recognition of sobriety promotion efforts, interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to submit their initiatives, campaigns, or programs that have contributed to the prevention and control of alcohol consumption. The submission period is currently open and will remain so until March 31, 2024. To submit your work and become a part of this significant movement, please visit the Application Information page for guidelines and the official application form.

What is the deadline for submitting entries for the National Alcohol-Free Day Awards 2024?

Take note, my dear friends and advocates of a clearer tomorrow: time waits for no one, and neither do the submissions for our collective dream of an alcohol-free world. The Department of Disease Control has unfurled the sails for your initiatives to come aboard until the final tick of the clock on March 31, 2024. Embark swiftly on this voyage of change; submit your entries posthaste to ensure your place among those who will be honored for their commitment to a healthier society.

Who can provide additional information or address inquiries regarding the National Alcohol-Free Day Awards 2024?

In the event that questions bloom like flowers of curiosity, or if more details are needed to paint a fuller picture of the Awards, the Office of the Alcohol Control Committee is your guiding lighthouse. Reach out to these keepers of clarity via telephone at 0 2590 3392, or if your words prefer the silent journey of a fax, use 0 2590 3035 with the Extension 111. They stand ready, much like the steadfast banyan tree, to support your queries and ensure your path to submission is as clear as the skies after monsoon rains.