Chiang Rai and Suphan Buri Nominated for the UNESCO Creative Cities Network

unesco creative cities network


The Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Dasta) is pushing for Chiang Rai and Suphan Buri to join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) in 2023. With the final results expected to be released in October, the two cities have been nominated based on their unique identities and creative potential.

Chiang Rai: City of Design

Chiang Rai has been nominated for the City of Design category due to its rich Lanna-inspired arts, which display intelligence and culture. As part of the nomination process, Dasta plans to promote Chiang Rai’s unique art and design heritage, showcasing the city’s strong potential to become a global creative hub.

Suphan Buri: City of Music

Suphan Buri, on the other hand, has been nominated for the City of Music category. The city is known for its deep-rooted musical traditions, with notable artists such as Yuenyong Opakul (Aed Carabao) and Kwanjit Sriprachan, who specialize in pleng puen bahn (folk music). Dasta aims to promote Suphan Buri as the “City of Musical Creativity” to highlight the city’s contribution to the global music scene.

Thailand’s Existing UNESCO Creative Cities

Thailand already has five cities in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network: Bangkok (City of Design), Phuket, Phetchaburi (Cities of Gastronomy), Chiang Mai, and Sukhothai (Cities of Craft and Folk Art). The addition of Chiang Rai and Suphan Buri to the network would further enhance Thailand’s presence in the global creative landscape.

Future Plans for Chiang Rai and Suphan Buri

Gp Capt Athikun Kongmee, Dasta’s director, shared plans for promoting Chiang Rai and Suphan Buri in the next five years. Chiang Rai will be highlighted for its unique Lanna-inspired arts, while Suphan Buri will be promoted as a City of Musical Creativity.

UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN)

The UCCN is a part of the UNESCO network, which aims to promote cooperation among creative cities for sustainable urban development. The network currently includes nearly 300 cities worldwide, working together to foster creativity and innovation.

Thailand’s Bid Results in October

The final results of Thailand’s bid for Chiang Rai and Suphan Buri to join the UCCN will be announced in October during the UCCN Annual Conferences in Istanbul, according to Gp Capt Athikun. If successful, these two cities will enhance Thailand’s representation in the global creative community, showcasing the nation’s diverse cultural heritage and artistic talents.