Chinese Kidnapper Faces Potential Rape Charge

kidnapping rape

Abduction Incident in Bangkok

A Chinese man accused of abducting a Chinese woman in Bangkok may face rape charges in addition to kidnapping-related charges. The woman managed to escape from his car after it was involved in a minor accident. Authorities are waiting for a medical report before deciding whether to press additional charges.

The Kidnapper’s Confession

Zhao Wulin, 36, admitted to all charges during the initial investigation, according to Pol Maj Gen Atthaporn Wongsiripreeda, commander of Metropolitan Police Division 1. The suspect is currently charged with illegal detention, extortion, assault, and sexual assault. If medical examinations of the victim support the case, Zhao will also be charged with rape.

Victim’s Escaped and Suspect’s Arrest

Zhao was arrested near the Si Rat Expressway after his sedan was involved in an accident. During the accident, the victim, whose legs and hands were tied, managed to free herself and hail a taxi. The driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident, Sompong Sisod, noticed nothing irregular and was shocked when Zhao was arrested while they waited for an insurance agent to arrive.

Victim’s Background and Meeting with the Suspect

The 27-year-old victim works as a broker for plastic surgery procedures in South Korea and is a frequent visitor to Thailand on a tourist visa. She was introduced to the suspect by a friend via a mobile application. After exchanging messages with Zhao for 10 days, they met at a barbecue restaurant in Bangkok. The victim reported feeling dizzy after consuming food and alcohol and could not remember what happened afterward.

Abduction and Ransom Demand

The victim woke up naked in a Ramkhamhaeng hotel the next day. The suspect told her he would take her to Pattaya. On their way, Zhao choked and threatened her, before tying her up and demanding a ransom of about 1 million baht (200,000 yuan). The victim requested 50,000 yuan from a friend and was on her way to withdraw the money when the accident occurred, allowing her to escape.

Investigative Findings

Police found the rope used to tie the victim, cash worth 100,000 baht, and unknown amounts of other currencies in Zhao’s car. Background checks revealed that Zhao worked as a driver in the United Arab Emirates and entered Thailand on September 8. Authorities believe Zhao acted alone and found no links to Chinese criminal gangs.

Increased Security Measures for Tourists

Kidnappings of Chinese visitors by Chinese criminals living in Thailand have been a significant security challenge in recent years. Pol Maj Gen Atthaporn has stated that police will step up measures to ensure tourist safety as arrivals are expected to increase following the government’s approval of a temporary visa-free program for Chinese tourists starting later this month.