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Chinese Kidnapper Faces Potential Rape Charge

A Chinese man accused of abducting a Chinese woman in Bangkok may face rape charges in addition to kidnappingrelated charges. The woman managed to escape from his car after it was involved in a minor accident. Authorities are waiting for a medical report before deciding whether to press additional charges.

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illegal street racing tourist safety

Combating Illegal Street Racing Among Tourists in Pattaya

In response to complaints from residents and visitors about illegal street racing by a group of Arab tourists on motorbikes, Pattaya police have stepped up their efforts to curb the disruptive activity. The chief of Pattaya City police station, Pol Col Thanapong Photi, held a meeting with local authorities and motorbike rental business operators to discuss ways to address the problem. These tourists have been known to turn certain streets into race tracks at night, causing disturbances and posing threats to public safety.

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ecological restoration tourist safety

Maya Bay Closes for Natural Rehabilitation and Safety

Maya Bay, a beautiful location in Krabi made famous by the Hollywood film “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, will be closed to the public and tourists for two months during the monsoon season. This closure, lasting from August until September 30th, is aimed at the natural rehabilitation of the area while also prioritizing tourist safety, as strong waves make it difficult for boats to dock at Loh Sama Bay near Koh Phi Phi Le.

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