Senegalese Swimmer Missing in Phuket

swimming search operation

A 22-year-old Senegalese man, Cheikhonuna Ba, went missing while swimming at Freedom beach in Phuket on Friday. Forty-five searchers from Karon municipality and other agencies continued the search operation on Saturday.

Expanded Search Area

The search area was expanded to include Patong beach to the north and Karon beach, about two kilometers south of Freedom beach on the west coast of the tourist island. Cheikhonuna Ba was last seen swimming at Freedom beach around 11 am on Friday, according to a spokesman at the Royal Thai Navy Third Army operation center.

Challenges Faced by Searchers

Navy officers were dispatched to join lifeguards in the search for the missing man on Friday. However, strong wind and waves obstructed the operation, making it difficult for the searchers to locate Cheikhonuna Ba.

Efforts by Authorities and Agencies

Karon municipality has been actively involved in the search operation, working closely with other agencies to ensure the safe return of the missing tourist. The Royal Thai Navy Third Army operation center has also been providing support and coordinating efforts with local authorities.

Similar Incidents in the Past

Phuket has seen similar incidents in the past, where tourists have gone missing while swimming or engaging in water sports activities. The region’s unpredictable weather conditions and strong currents can sometimes put swimmers at risk, especially during the monsoon season.

Safety Measures for Tourists

Tourists visiting Phuket and other coastal regions in Thailand are advised to be cautious while swimming or engaging in water sports activities. It is important to pay attention to weather conditions, follow the advice of local authorities, and adhere to any warning signs placed on the beaches.

Assistance to the Missing Tourist’s Family

While the search operation for Cheikhonuna Ba continues, efforts are also being made to provide support and assistance to his family during this difficult time. Authorities are keeping them informed of any updates and developments in the search operation.

Public Appeal for Information

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Cheikhonuna Ba or who may have seen him on Friday is urged to contact the local authorities or the Royal Thai Navy Third Army operation center. Any information provided can be crucial in helping to locate the missing tourist and bring closure to his concerned family.