Community Committee Training Project: Strengthening Local Management Skills

community management training program


The Community Committee Training Project is an important initiative aimed at enhancing the skills of community leaders in the areas of community management and administration. This year, the training program was successfully completed by the community committees of Talin-ngam Subdistrict, Lipo Noy Subdistrict, and Ang Thong Subdistrict.

Program Objectives

The primary goal of the training project is to empower local leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage and administer their communities. The program covers various aspects of community management, including:

  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Project planning and implementation
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Community engagement and outreach
  • Environmental and sustainability issues

Training Sessions and Workshops

During the training program, participants attended a series of workshops and interactive sessions designed to provide practical knowledge and hands-on experience in different aspects of community management. Some of the key sessions included:

  • Budgeting and financial management for community projects
  • Best practices for project planning and implementation
  • Strategies for effective community engagement
  • Conflict resolution techniques and mediation skills
  • Environmental management and sustainable development practices

Certificate Presentation Ceremony

The culmination of the training program was marked by a certificate presentation ceremony. Mr. Nathaphon Rattanarak, the Deputy Mayor of Koh Samui Municipality, presided over the event, which took place at the Phet Samui meeting room, Koh Samui Municipality Office. The community committees of the participating subdistricts were awarded certificates of completion, acknowledging their successful participation in the training program.

Impact on Local Communities

The Community Committee Training Project has far-reaching implications for the communities involved. By equipping local leaders with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively manage and govern their communities, the program helps to promote sustainable development and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

As community committees apply the skills and knowledge acquired during the training program, it is anticipated that they will be better able to address the unique challenges facing their communities, ranging from environmental issues to social welfare concerns.

Future Plans

Following the successful completion of the training program by the community committees of Talin-ngam, Lipo Noy, and Ang Thong Subdistricts, the organizers are planning to continue and expand the initiative in the coming years. The goal is to reach more community leaders and empower them with the skills and knowledge necessary to make meaningful and lasting positive impacts on their communities.