Managing Monkey Populations in Lop Buri

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Sterilization Campaign: A Solution for Overpopulation

In Lop Buri, a province in the Central Plains of Thailand, authorities have launched a sterilization campaign to control the ever-growing monkey population. With numbers estimated to be above 2,000, the campaign targets the reduction of the monkey population and alleviating the negative impact of these animals on locals and tourists.

Monkeys: A Mixed Blessing for Lop Buri

For decades, monkeys have been a significant tourist attraction in Lop Buri, where an annual feast is held in their honor. However, as the population has grown, these monkeys have become fearless around humans, leading to increased apprehension among people.

Sterilization Process: Success and Challenges

The sterilization campaign took place from August 17th to 24th, during which 154 monkeys were captured and subsequently transported to the Monkey Hospital in Lop Buri Zoo. Out of those, 142 have already been sterilized, thanks to the joint efforts of local staff from the Protected Areas Regional Office 1, Khao Somphot Wildlife No Hunting Area office, and some veterinarians from Protected Areas Regional Office 12 in neighboring Nakhon Sawan.

Sutthiphong Kaemthapthim, director of the wildlife conservation section of the Protected Areas Regional Office 1, explained the process in detail. Following sterilization, each monkey received a forearm tattoo indicating their province of origin, the year, and numerical order of sterilization. This tattoo serves as an identification tool for ongoing control efforts.

Post-Sterilization Care and Release

After the sterilization procedure, the monkeys were monitored at the Lop Buri Zoo for one to two days to ensure their surgical wounds were healing properly and that they were in good health. Once deemed fit, they were released back to their previous locations, as noted by Mr. Sutthiphong.

The Road Ahead

The sterilization campaign in Lop Buri is a necessary step toward controlling the monkey population and mitigating its negative effects on locals and tourists. As this process continues, it is crucial to find a balance between preserving the unique tourist attraction and ensuring the safety and well-being of people who live and visit the area.

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