Request to Remove Controversial ‘Demon’ Statue from Bazaar Hotel Bangkok

hotel management shareholder disputes

Major Shareholder Seeks Court Intervention

A significant shareholder of the Bazaar Hotel Bangkok has filed a petition with the court, seeking the removal of the contentious Khru Kai Kaeo statue from the hotel premises located on Ratchadaphisek Road. Phairoj Thungthong, who owns an 80% share in Suan Lum Night Bazaar Ratchadapisek Co Ltd, registered in 2009 with a capital of 780 million baht, claims that the company is currently undergoing a rehabilitation process due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

New Management Team and Shareholder Disputes

Chan Tulyapisitchai, a shareholder who holds 20% of the shares, is currently leading a new management team overseeing the rehabilitation process. However, Phairoj alleges that he has been denied involvement in the management of the company. He also attributes the presence of the Khru Kai Kaeo statue to Chan, who had it installed in front of the hotel.

The Controversial Statue

The Khru Kai Kaeo statue is a 4-metre-tall, gargoyle-like black sculpture with red eyes and long red nails. Many visitors have worshipped it, believing that it grants wishes. However, some Buddhists argue that worshipping this demon figure is a form of black magic that contradicts religious teachings. In response to the controversy, the hotel management agreed to erect a dome to cover the statue, shielding those who may be offended by its appearance.

Legal Action and Court Hearing

On Tuesday, Phairoj instructed his lawyer to petition the Central Bankruptcy Court to order Chan to remove the statue. A court hearing has been scheduled for September 12 at 10 am.

Tourist Attraction or Distraction?

Chalee Noppawong Na Ayutthaya, secretary of the chair of the hotel’s executive board, stated that the statue has attracted the attention of numerous tourists. However, the controversy surrounding the statue continues to raise questions on its appropriateness and impact on the hotel’s reputation.