Crackdown on Tour Scam: Six Arrested in Surat Thani

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Fraudulent Tour Operators Busted

Six individuals, including three men and three women, were recently arrested in Surat Thani for their involvement in a fraudulent tour operation. The suspects allegedly sold fake overseas tour packages, scamming their customers out of roughly 27 million baht. The arrests took place at the suspects’ office in Phun Phin district in the Southern Thai province.

Complaints from Locals Led to Arrests

The arrests were made following complaints from 99 local residents who claimed to have bought tour packages from the suspects’ company for trips to Japan and various European countries. Unfortunately for the victims, the trips they purchased never materialized.

The complainants stated that they were drawn to the company’s offers due to their attractive pricing, which they discovered on Facebook. In total, the scammers raked in around 27 million baht from the fraudulent tour packages.

Scammers’ Background and False Claims

All six suspects, aged between 40 and 60, hail from the Phun Phin, Ban Ta Khun, and Kanchanadit districts. According to Pol Maj Gen Saranyu Chamnanrat, Surat Thani police chief, the suspects started their fraudulent tour company in early 2022.

The scammers falsely claimed that their tour packages were subsidized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, adding a veneer of legitimacy to their operation. As a result, unsuspecting customers were lured into purchasing the non-existent tour packages.

The Importance of Vigilance in the Tourism Industry

This recent bust serves as a reminder of the importance of being vigilant when purchasing travel packages. Travelers should always conduct thorough research and verify the legitimacy of tour operators before making any purchase. It’s crucial to look for reviews from previous customers, check the company’s registration details, and avoid deals that seem too good to be true.

By being cautious and staying informed, travelers can save themselves from potential scams and ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation experience.