Man Seeks Justice Over Unlawful Sale of Car by ONCB

oncb legal battle

The Unfolding of Events

Mai Wongwiangkham, a 55-year-old Lao tour guide, found himself in a predicament after being charged by the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) for possessing 14kg of heroin in 2016. The ONCB accused Mai of smuggling the drugs into the kingdom while driving to Nong Khai to pick up Thai tourists bound for Laos. As part of the prosecution efforts, the ONCB impounded Mai’s Chery sedan, valued at approximately 350,000 baht.

Legal Battle and Acquittal

Mai, who maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal, sought legal help from lawyer Ratchaphol Sirisakhon. After three years of detention at Klongprem Central Prison, the Criminal Court dropped the charges against Mai, a decision also upheld by the Appeal Court. The court then ordered the ONCB to return Mai’s vehicle, which he owned outright.

The Controversial Sale of Mai’s Car

Upon his release from prison, Mai discovered that the ONCB had sold his car for a mere 20,000 baht, causing him outrage. He argued that the ONCB had no right to sell his car, especially after the court cleared him of all charges. Refusing to accept the 20,000 baht, Mai turned to his lawyer, Ratchaphol, for further legal assistance.

Taking the Case to the Justice Ministry

Ratchaphol mentioned that he would accompany Mai to the Justice Ministry to file a petition against the car sale order. He emphasized that the issue has not only caused his client distress but also tarnished the country’s image.

The Quest for Fairness and Accountability

Mai, who firmly believes he did nothing wrong, is seeking justice and proper compensation for his losses. Disappointed and frustrated, Mai stated, “It makes no sense that I should lose anything that belongs to me, and no one is taking any responsibility for what happened to me. It’s plainly unfair.”