Demolition of Illegally Constructed Beach Villa on Koh Tao

illegal construction environmental harm


A beach villa on Koh Tao in Koh Phangan district, owned by Cape Shark Villas, has been deemed illegal and is set to be demolished. The villa’s construction was brought to light after it was featured on the provincial anti-corruption Facebook page “STRONG.” An inspection revealed that the villa was built without proper permissions and could potentially harm the environment.

Details on the Illegal Villa

The single-storey stone-faced concrete villa occupies 48 square meters on a beach on Koh Tao and is privately owned by Cape Shark Villas. This luxury resort boasts at least 30 pool villas on its hilltop property in the island’s southern region. The controversial villa was built on rocks with direct access to the sea.

Investigation and Inspection

The villa’s legality was questioned by the public, as the entire island is state property under the supervision of the Treasury Department. In response, an on-the-spot inspection was conducted by various officials, including Yuthapol Angkinan, an adviser to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Chewapap Chewatham, Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and other representatives.

Findings and Consequences

From the inspection, it was determined that the villa was built without proper permission from the Treasury Department and Tambon Koh Tao Municipality. Furthermore, its construction on the beach could potentially cause damage to natural resources and the environment. At a subsequent meeting, Cape Shark Villas agreed to demolish the building in compliance with the law.