Koh Samui’s Plans for Developing its Marine Tourism Infrastructure

marine tourism pier development

Meeting to Discuss Marine Tourism Development

On June 23, 2023, notable figures from different sectors gathered at Samui Marine Station Command, Sattahip Naval Base, Royal Thai Navy Region 2 in Surat Thani Province. The attendees included Mr. Pakorn Ganjan Ophas, Deputy Mayor of Koh Samui Municipality, and Ms. Toranat Inthasombat, District Secretary, Head of Administration Group. Other participants were representatives from the Port Authority of Thailand Koh Samui Branch, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Koh Samui Office, and various local officials.

The meeting, led by General Boontham Oris and Vice Admiral Itthikorn Phumrasut, aimed to discuss and study the development of water tourism quality and related projects in the region. The study tour took place over two days, June 22-23, 2023, in the Koh Samui District.

Large Pier Development for Pleasure Boats

The committee reviewed the progress of a project aimed at constructing a large pier for pleasure boats in Koh Samui District. This development is part of an effort to expand the region’s tourism infrastructure and attract more visitors to the area. The attendees discussed the potential benefits that the new pier would bring to local businesses and the overall tourism industry.

Thong Tanote Pier Improvement and Development

Another focus of the meeting was the improvement and development of a small pier at Thong Tanote. The project aims to increase the pier’s functionality and capacity, allowing for better management of passenger and vehicle transportation. Additionally, the Thong Tanote Pier parking point was also reviewed, ensuring that the pier could handle the expected increase in visitors efficiently.

Docking and Transportation for The Blue Dolphin Boat

The meeting also included a presentation on the docking and passenger and vehicle transportation for The Blue Dolphin boat. This popular tourist attraction has been a significant contributor to Koh Samui’s tourism industry. The attendees discussed how to improve and streamline the docking process and manage the large pleasure boat docking for better customer experiences.

Collaboration and Future Plans for Koh Samui Tourism

The gathering concluded with a fruitful exchange of opinions from all relevant sectors. They discussed strategies to promote tourism in Koh Samui, focusing on accommodating tourists with diverse and quality tourism activities in the future. As a result, Koh Samui is taking significant steps towards boosting its marine tourism infrastructure and ensuring the region remains an attractive destination for visitors from all around the world.