Diabetes and Hypertension Screening Project: A Comprehensive Overview

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The Maret Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital has recently launched a critical health initiative. On June 27, 2023, the hospital organized a ceremony to inaugurate two essential projects: a diabetes and hypertension screening initiative and an iodine deficiency prevention campaign.

The Launch Ceremony

Miss Busara Nu-thak, Head of Maret Health Promoting Hospital, presided over the opening ceremony. The event marked the beginning of these crucial projects and brought together the support of the Health Volunteers, who play a vital role in the implementation of both initiatives.

Screening for Diabetes and Hypertension

With an increasing number of people at risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, the screening project aims to identify individuals who may be vulnerable to these conditions. Early detection is crucial in managing and preventing the progression of these diseases.

Health Volunteers’ Efforts

The Health Volunteers are actively involved in the screening process. They work closely with the hospital to ensure that those found to be at risk receive proper guidance. Affected individuals will be advised to consult a doctor for further treatment and care.

Iodine Deficiency Prevention Campaign

Iodine deficiency has been linked to various health issues, including impaired mental development and learning abilities. To address this concern, the iodine deficiency prevention campaign was launched alongside the diabetes and hypertension screening initiative.

Educating the Public

The campaign focuses on raising public awareness about the importance of consuming iodized salt to prevent iodine deficiency. By providing valuable information to the community, the Health Volunteers play a crucial role in promoting the benefits of iodine consumption and encouraging the use of iodized salt in daily life.

Project Proposal and Funding

The Maret Subdistrict Health Volunteers worked diligently to create a project proposal outlining the need for these initiatives. Their efforts led to obtaining budgetary and material support from the Samui Municipality Health Insurance Fund. This financial aid ensures that both projects can be effectively implemented for the benefit of the community.

Future Prospects

With the successful launch of the diabetes and hypertension screening initiative and the iodine deficiency prevention campaign, the Maret Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital aims to improve the overall health and well-being of the community. Through continuous efforts and collaboration with Health Volunteers, the hospital looks forward to making a lasting positive impact on public health.