Thai Tour Guide Tragically Falls from Hotel in Pattaya

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Incident at Malibu City Place Hotel

A 48-year-old Thai tour guide working with Chinese tourists met with an unfortunate accident on Wednesday morning, when he fell from the fourth floor of a local hotel in Pattaya. The incident occurred at the Malibu City Place hotel around 6:30 AM. The victim, identified as Puwasit Chailangka, was found lifeless in the parking area adjacent to the hotel building.

Discovery of the Incident

Kachornsak Jongmangkang, a 30-year-old hotel receptionist, shared his account of the incident with the police. He reported hearing a loud thud around 6 AM, initially assuming that a power transformer had malfunctioned. However, moments later, he heard the sound of an alarm coming from a mobile phone.

Following the sound, Jongmangkang was led to the site of the tragedy, where he discovered Chailangka’s body. He immediately contacted the police to report the incident.

Room 42: The Point of Descent

Pattaya police’s preliminary investigation revealed that Chailangka had fallen from Room 42 on the fourth floor of the five-story hotel. The circumstances surrounding the fall and the events leading up to the incident are still under investigation.

Ongoing Investigation

The local authorities are currently working to gather more information and evidence to determine the cause of the tragic accident. They have not yet released any findings or conclusions from their investigation. As the situation develops, it is expected that more details will be revealed to help understand what transpired during this unfortunate incident at the Malibu City Place hotel in Pattaya.