E-Bike UP: Revolutionizing Green Tourism in Koh Samui

green tourism electric vehicle

The Inauguration of the First EV Bike Rental Service

On July 3, 2023, a remarkable event occurred at Central Samui, Koh Samui District, Surat Thani Province. The Deputy Mayor of Koh Samui Municipality, Ms. Suphinya Sritongkul, attended the opening ceremony of E-Bike UP, the first-ever electric vehicle (EV) bike rental service on the island.

Collaborative Efforts for Sustainable Development

The launch of E-Bike UP was made possible through the joint efforts of AS Charge Co., Ltd., AMR Asia Co., Ltd. (AMR), and SUSCO Beyond Co., Ltd. These companies have a shared vision of promoting green tourism on Koh Samui, a tropical paradise with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

A Panel Discussion on Smart Cities and Green Tourism

During the event, a panel discussion took place on the topic of “Samui Smart City with Green Tourism for Sustainable Development.” This conversation included representatives from AS Charge Co., Ltd., the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Koh Samui Office, and other key stakeholders. The panelists discussed strategies and innovations to further boost the green tourism sector in Koh Samui and transform it into a cutting-edge smart city.

The Vision for Koh Samui: A Livable and Attractive Marine Tourism Hub

The primary goal of E-Bike UP is to provide convenient and eco-friendly services for both tourists and locals in Koh Samui. By offering electric motorcycle rentals and battery-swapping stations, the project aims to make the island a world-class tourism center. This aligns with the overarching vision of creating a city that is both livable and attractive, establishing itself as a marine tourism hub in the Gulf of Thailand.

E-Bike UP’s Contribution to Green Transportation

The E-Bike UP service is designed to minimize the environmental impact of transportation on the island. By offering electric bikes as a rental option, the service encourages tourists and locals alike to choose more sustainable modes of transport. This not only reduces air pollution but also helps preserve the natural beauty of the island and its delicate ecosystems.

A Parade to Promote Sustainable Tourism

To kick off the launch of E-Bike UP, the event featured a parade of electric bicycles. This served as a demonstration of the commitment to green tourism and a way to spread awareness about the new service. The parade showcased the potential of electric bikes as a fun and eco-friendly transportation alternative for exploring the island.

A Bright Future for Sustainable Tourism in Koh Samui

The introduction of E-Bike UP is a major step forward in promoting sustainable tourism on Koh Samui. As more tourists and locals embrace eco-friendly transportation options, the island will continue to evolve into a greener, more sustainable destination for visitors from around the world.