Koh Samui City’s Annual Training Program for Municipal Officials

municipal officials training program


Koh Samui City Municipality held their annual Training Program for Municipal Officials on June 6, 2013. The event took place in the Petch Samui Conference Room, starting at 8:30 am. Deputy Mayor Mr. Sutham Samthong presided over the opening ceremony in place of the city mayor.

Attendees and Participants

A total of 38 municipal officials participated in the training, including key personnel such as Mr. Griangsak Suphawong, Head of Administration and Secretary’s Office, who presented a report during the event. Other attendees were the city clerk, deputy city clerk, and heads of various government departments.

Program Objectives

The primary goal of the training program was to enhance the knowledge, experience, and preparedness of the municipal officials. This was done by covering topics related to the enforcement of laws in municipal work performance. Additionally, the program aimed to promote discipline, morality, and ethics among the officials, which are essential qualities for maintaining orderliness and ensuring efficient public services.

Lecture by Mr. Traipop Boonchuay

Mr. Traipop Boonchuay, Head of the Municipal Affairs Division at the Bang Khen District Office in Bangkok, conducted a lecture during the event. He shared his expertise in various aspects of municipal work performance. His talk focused on the importance of legal knowledge, experience, and readiness to perform duties in the context of Koh Samui City Municipality.

Promoting Discipline, Morality, and Ethics

To further strengthen the potential of the participating officials, the training program emphasized the importance of discipline, morality, and ethics. By instilling these values in the municipal workforce, the Koh Samui City Municipality aims to ensure the efficient delivery of public services and maintain orderliness among the island’s inhabitants at all times.

Building a Better Future for Koh Samui

The annual Training Program for Municipal Officials is an essential part of Koh Samui City Municipality’s efforts to improve the quality of life for the people living on the island. By investing in the professional development of their municipal officials, the city is working towards creating a better future for its residents.