Empowering Through Craft: Koh Samui’s Initiative for the Disabled

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Crafting a Brighter Future: Koh Samui’s Eco-Friendly Candle Making Workshop for the Disabled was a heartwarming success, empowering individuals with disabilities through sustainable skills. Led by Ms. Prangvali Nooprasit, the workshop focused on creativity, independence, and community support, fostering a more inclusive society. #EmpowermentThroughCraft #Inclusivity #KohSamuiInitiative

Eco-Friendly Candle Making Workshop

The Koh Samui City Municipality has taken a significant step towards inclusivity and empowerment with their latest initiative. They’ve set up a training program focused on crafting eco-friendly scented candles made from pure soy wax. This program, designed especially for the disabled community, was hosted at the Special Children’s Foundation, nestled in the tranquil Bo Phut Subdistrict of Koh Samui, Surat Thani Province.

A Day of Learning and Development

The event took place on a bright morning of February 28, 2024, starting at 9 AM. It marked not just the beginning of another day but the inception of a project that aims to make a marked difference in the lives of many. The Deputy Mayor of Koh Samui, Mr. Nuttapol Ratanarak, graced the occasion, inaugurating the session amidst an air of anticipation and enthusiasm. The initiative was part of a broader commitment for the year 2024, concentrating on the betterment and enhancement of life quality for disabled individuals and their care providers.

Instructors and Participants: A Collective Endeavor

The workshop welcomed 30 eager participants, each ready to imbibe knowledge and develop a new skill set. The session was not merely about candle making; it was structured to provide comprehensive insights and practical know-how. Ms. Prangvali Nooprasit, an entrepreneur from Plaitian Candle, spearheaded the theoretical discourse. Her expertise in candle making paired with her entrepreneurial experience offered invaluable guidance to those in attendance.

Following the lecture, a practical phase ensued where participants engaged in the hands-on aspect of the craft. A group of dedicated instructors led this segment, offering personalized assistance to both the disabled participants and their caregivers. It was a time for nurturing creativity, fostering independence, and cultivating a supportive community.

Strengthening the Community

The workshop’s key objective was capacitation. The organizers aimed to imbue the disabled and their caregivers with a robust sense of agency and self-reliance. The session was about more than just learning a craft; it was about instilling confidence, providing encouragement, and assuring the participants of their valued role in society.

By enabling them to access their rightful benefits and ensuring equal care, the program sought to integrate them more fully into the social fabric. The hope was to build a supportive network that would extend beyond the workshop, crafting a better, more inclusive future.

Legacy of Knowledge

The training was as much about the present as it was about laying down a foundation for the future. It equipped the participants with skills that they could apply in their daily lives. The art of candle-making, steeped in considerations for environmental sustainability, also imparted lessons on the importance of preserving our planet.

As the participants ventured back into their daily routines, they carried with them not just the candles they had crafted but also a flame of empowerment, ready to illuminate their paths ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the main goal of the Eco-Friendly Candle Making Workshop for the Disabled in Koh Samui?

The primary aim of the Eco-Friendly Candle Making Workshop is to empower individuals with disabilities by teaching them sustainable skills, thereby fostering independence and inclusivity. The initiative is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the disabled and their caregivers, instilling confidence, and ensuring their valuable role in society.

Who led the Eco-Friendly Candle Making Workshop and what expertise did they bring?

Ms. Prangvali Nooprasit, an entrepreneur known for her work at Plaitian Candle, led the workshop with her extensive expertise in candle making and entrepreneurship. She provided invaluable guidance in both theoretical and practical aspects of crafting eco-friendly candles, ensuring participants received comprehensive insights and practical know-how.

How does the workshop contribute to community strengthening and the future of the participants?

The workshop is designed to capacitate participants, imbuing them with a strong sense of agency and self-reliance. It aims to integrate the disabled more fully into the social fabric by enabling them to access benefits, fostering a supportive network that extends beyond the workshop. The skills learned not only apply to candle making but also encompass lessons on environmental sustainability, equipping participants with tools to preserve our planet and empowering them for the future.